Gwen's exclusive interview with Nick [eng - 4/19/15]

gwen's exClusive interview with nick

Nick Groff, always kind and willing in spite of his many work and family commitments, has decided to release a brief but uplifting exclusive interview to Gwen! They met on August 2014 at Dublin Airport and kept in touch with each other since.

Gwen: Francesca and I have read… actually, devoured… your book “Chasing Spirits”, which has been one of the most interesting readings ever for us. We just couldn’t help noticing the UFO element in your life, from the interest of your grandparents to your trip with Veronique to Area 51… everything can be connected to your recent sighting of a mysterious light in the woods around your house. Are you planning to do any further research about this in the future?


Nick: Thank you very much for those kind words! Yes, I am always researching and watching all things paranormal, especially UFO documents. I have been fascinated by UFOs and outer beings since I was a child. I will continue to look and study everything paranormal, so I can better understand our meaning of life in this realm and beyond.


Gwen: You are the best person we could ask for advices about Poveglia Island, which is now re-opening its gates to paranormal investigators after you went there almost 6 year ago. What would you say to someone that is seriously planning to investigate that location?


Nick: It has very intense feelings trapped on that island. You can feel the energy still harvesting the surrounding area of buildings now in ruins. I was creeped out a couple of times by myself walking around investigating. It has some very dark history attached to that area, which I feel the energy is still tainted into the structures now lying in disappear. It's extremely haunted, but more so the energy is overwhelming, if your not careful it can hit you when you least expect it. Be cautious when investigating any location with negative energies.


Gwen: You’ve just come back to Bobby Mackey’s Music World for your first Nick Groff Tour event. We can’t wait to know the evidence you caught there with your fans. This Nick Groff Tour idea is great, by the way, and we’re sure, so will be your other future projects. Is NGT a long-rage plan? And we hope to find out that there will be also an Italian stop, of course.


Nick: Yes, I felt compelled to personally return to Bobby Mackey's Music World in order to put my mind and soul at ease with the spirits that once haunted me. I felt I had to overcome this for my own well being and I did. I captured some amazing spirit voices in direct response to my questions. It was incredible and even some skeptics there were blown away. I loved every second of it, but I had my guard up spiritually this time around, while investigating. A lot of evidence was captured, but I was surprised. It just felt good to leave that location with that dark cloud behind me for good. I will be taking the Nick Groff Tour all around USA and hopefully over seas soon to Europe and other countries. I love to engage and interact with people, as we all are trying to experience life and understand the afterlife even more these days. I have been working extremely hard on a couple of new TV projects that I will be announcing soon. One with me hosting/investigating! I am very excited with what is to come in the near future. I love the paranormal and continue to learn and strive to be ground breaking while discovering new things I never knew existed.

Interview, Translation, Layout & Edit: Gwen.