Interview: Nick & Lee in "The Creaking Door" [eng - 4/27/15]

Last April 27th, Nick and his friend and co-worker Lee Kirkland have been interviewed by Tim Ellis and Brad Blair for their Paranormal Radio show "The Creaking Door". We transcribed and translated it for you, but you can listen and download it clicking here.


"Tim Ellis: […] Brad [Blair] and I are very excited to welcoming our guests inside the 'creaking door' on this episode. Two of them are coming in, these are gentlemen you will see this August with us here at the 6th annual Michigan Paranormal Convention. We’d like to welcome in Lee Kirkland along with Mr Nick Groff. Gentlemen, thank you so much for being with us on this episode of 'The Creaking Door'.


Nick: Thank you! 


Lee: Glad to be here. 


T: […] What are you guys doing right now to keep yourselves busy? ‘Cause, Nick, I know you’ve got a whole tour that is going right now. It’s right to go through the summer, this is non stop for you, guys. 


N: Yes, we’ve been traveling across America. We’ve been taking different stops at haunted locations that I have personal experiences at. We’re just taking people along for the ride with us this time. We went to Kentucky, in Wilder, to Bobby Mackey’s Music World with a sold-out event. And we’ve even had a couple of skeptics there that were blown away with some of the evidences that we came up with. Then we went to the Mansfield Reformatory, that we just recently did with a really good group of people and that was another sold-out event. And also Ashmore Estates in Illinois, where which we actually captured a shadow figure following me into a room and I captured a voice on my digital recorder and that was kind of mind-blowing. We’re going on all the evidence, it’s been amazing so far and people there were really blown away. It’s been absolutely amazing just communicating with people and hear everybody’s else experiences.


T: That’s great, Nick. I saw on social media about your event at Mansfield. One of your guests was actually attacked by a ghost?


N: Yes, Greg [Newkirk]! And I had no clue until the end of the night, that was about 4 a.m.. We just gathered back in the main hall there and I saw him. This guy is more skeptical, he’s a very logical thinker, I’ve never heard this come from his mouth before. He basically debunked everything, trying not to jump to conclusions. There he said: ‘I got scratched!’. I was like ‘Are you kidding me?’. I thought of a joke or something, I didn’t know what to say, we were tired, it was 4 a.m. and we were catching an amazing evidence in the cell block that I was at, and this was in a different part of the building. He lifted up his shirt and I was like: ‘Oh my God! You did got scratched!’. He went up on stage with me to show to one hundred people the scratch marks on his back and he was just blown away. He went to write that great article that you saw, talking about the event and everything that happened to him and Dana.


T: Yes, his pictures are kind of jaw-dropping. I remember they caught my eye immediately the first time I saw them popped-up in the newsfeed on Facebook. I had to read the article and said ‘Wow, that’s pretty powerful stuff!'. Nick, in your past you’ve been in some amazing places and you’ve had some incidents happened to you as well. I mean, the first time that you ever get touched it happens from something you don’t see. That kind of changes you a little bit, it’s pretty disturbing.


N: It absolutely does. It takes you off-guard and when you least expect it, especially when you are in pitch darkness. I don’t care who you are and how tough you are, it will startle you. It takes a lot to get me scared but when those incidents happen and you don’t know what the heck it is, that is actually reaching and touching you... When you feel that sensation running through your body, it startles you and you get scared in the moment. I’ve been in locations all over the world and I’ve had extremely horrific, profound experiences to the point where it opens my mind even more searching the realm that I’m logically trying to explain now. So I’m trying to bring science behind it and maybe it’s something we just haven’t discovered yet. I really believe in energy. I believe that when we go on a location that still has immense energy, negative and positive, is kind of magnetizing it and maybe something possibly more sinister. You know how the prison brings it. You have murderers and all these crazy individuals that once lived in there. The fact is, we're all gonna die some day, no matter what you believe. And we produce energy, energy that can’t be destroyed. So this is the energy happening in that building, it is intelligent and still evolving.


T: What do you consider the most disturbing event you’ve stumbled upon in all the years you’ve been doing this, Nick? 


N: Well, it’s been countless instances. I don’t really take count of all the personal experiences that really hit me. I feel a lot of paranormal weird things happen that we just can’t explain, from objects moving by themselves to people getting hit, scratched, all sorts of different instances. Personally, I felt overtaken one time by a negative energy, and I just kind of blacked out. That was really powerful because I’ve never really believed that things can overtake you in that realm. I really had this strong feeling, maybe I’ve opened my mind a little further. But there's been a lot of different locations that I’ve experienced profound things like that. 


T: I agree with you, Nick. Brad and I actually both do quite a few talks and a lot of the time we focus on the energy that has left over from the physical body and, like you were saying, if that energy is trapped within the walls, like prison walls, something that is filled with negative energy. It’s almost like it would be the ‘snowball effect’. If that energy is just circling itself over and over in negative surrounding, it just seems like it could grow in that aspect as well. And it just gets bigger on the negative side of things. 


N: I agree with you, absolutely. And that’s what I’ve been really searching and just investigating personally. As an immature, I didn’t fully understand things, when I got started doing this. I’ve always had this fascination in the paranormal since I was a kid. And maybe some of the instances of my past have guided me on this quest that I’m in right now but, you know, then you start thinking into deep thoughts like that, theorizing and speaking to thousand of individuals like yourself. As we know, energy can’t be destroyed. We know that we scientifically produce energy, and energy is all around us in this world that we all live in. So, who does say that this energy just evolves like you were talking about, in something more sinister, like in the ‘snowball effect’? At these prisons and mental asylums, above all, where dramatic where deaths occurred.  


T: Exactly. So, I’m guessing this belief is what led you to create the ‘Ghost Stalkers’ series. A little more scientific look at things? 


N: Yes. I love isolation, chasing somebody just individually, by yourself, and see what happens for the whole night. Something happens, maybe some sort of dimensional things that occurring that we don’t fully understand or have discovered yet. So, let’s look into that. I was just more in theory, I was just curious about that kind of things in that direction. 


T: And what a great person to throw in there? John Tenney! To put into the situation… *laughs* 


N: I love him. He’s awesome. He’s an amazing person and he’s extremely smart. I’ve learned a lot from him just personally, he’s been doing this for 27 years, he told me. So it’s like just talking to him leads you on a different level because he’s very skeptical too at the same time, which I really like. So, it’s cool to have an actual conversation with him because he’s super laid-back and he can just talk to you about stuff and kind of dumbs you down at the same time when you don't fully understand him. *laughs* 


T: Like you said, John is almost too smart sometimes, but he is amazing when you sit down and just have a conversation with him. 


N: Absolutely, yes, he’s a good guy! 


T: Yeah. And he will be, of course, here in August too for the Paranormal Convention. Actually, in the first year we ever did it, you were with us, Nick. You were only able to stay for one day, so we are really excited to get you back this year and have you for the week-end. Man, your fans went CRAZY to know that you’ll be in Michigan with us for the 6th annual. 


N: Awesome! You know, I love communicate with people and that’s why I, Lee and everybody of our keen started do this. I really do, I love when people communicate their experiences, because I’m learning too.  And meet people, I just like it, I’m a very people person. I just like to go through life. Life is short, right? So why not try to figure out beyond what’s gonna happen when we die? I know it sounds dark, but it’s a very realistic thing and that’s why we do these events and I’m showing up there. I cant’ wait to see you guys again and meet everybody up in that part of the country. 


T: So, Lee, you are the man behind the scenes for the Nick Groff Tour. You’ve been helping starting all this up. How complicated is this role where you’re bringing all of these people into a guided ghost hunt? I know you guys had some great events, you’ve got some great ones coming up. Well, tell us more about the little details of the tour. 


L: Well, I’d wish that I could say that I was doing all on my own but, of course, my wife Jennifer Kirkland and Jeff Waldridge are riding here as well. We have plenty experiences putting these events together, we were all from the foundation of the event in Lexington, the Scarefest. And that’s where we met Nick 8 years ago and we’ve just become friends. One day we said ‘Hey, let’s try to do this’ and so we began brainstorming, went on talking about some of these locations and we started making it happen. Some of the locations we’ve been to were surprising, like Nick was mentioning about the Ashmore, I’ve never expected that place to be as crazy and active as it was. You know, with a hundred people in there, we’ve had some wild experiences in there. Whenever you’re investigating with fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, Nick verified every results we've got and every time we’ve done any kind of an EVP session we’ve got intelligent responses. And I love it. At the beginning the events when Nick is talking to the crowd, the fans, he says ‘How many people here haven’t never have paranormal investigated before?’ and it’s surprising the amount of people who raise their hand. And these guys love these kind of events. It’s fantastic watching these people, the fans, going through these things with Nick in these amazing different locations that we’re doing. 


T: Lee, I think you brought up something very interesting. As you, guys, Brad and I have been doing this for fifteen, twenty years now. We’ve been beyond this as kids, running out investigating and wanting to know this field more and running towards it instead of getting scared and running away from it. But there are so many people out there who don’t get a chance to do that. And I think we take that for granted, sometimes, ‘cause we’ve been in it for so many years that we forget that so many people don’t get that opportunity. And that’s why they love events like what you guys are doing. 


L: Absolutely, absolutely. Like I said, at the beginning of the event, Nick would ask ‘How many people are new in this?’. I would say that at least 50% would raise their hand. I’ve been doing this for a long time, I love watching somebody have their first experience. Just actually we had a young lady at Mansfield. She was saying that something touched her and  I heard Nick asking on the recorder ‘Did you touch her?’, then he looks at the lady and he says ‘Why don’t you ask?’. And the lady says ‘Did you touch my hand?’. Upon listening back on the recorder, when Nick asked ‘Did you touch her?’, you hear ‘No.’. And when the lady asked, on playback, response back to Nick, ‘I did not touch her’. And so, when this lady heard it she was proud of herself, she never had the personal experience of something touching her hand. And going back to talk about Greg getting scratched. He said that it was the first time that anything like this ever happened to him in over 20 years of investigating. He was a skeptic, on top of that, it was just an amazing scene. His life has been changed forever now. And we’ve loved to be able to provide that experience to people. 


T: I don’t know about you guys, but to me, personally, there’s nothing like getting back that EVP when you hear an intelligent response. If you play golf you know what I’m talking about, it’s like getting that one shot that hits perfectly, goes straight down on the fairway. You get that intelligent response in an EVP, it’s the same thing, you’re hooked and it reminds why you do what you do. 


N: Yeah, absolutely! One priceless thing I will never forget, it’s the reactions of everybody else around me while I'm doing EVP sessions. Because I know what I’m experiencing, I know what I’m catching, I’ve been doing this for so long that I get it. I mean, it still blows my mind away getting all the responses, I still get the feelings, the rush… it’s the reactions of everybody else around me! The one cool thing too is we’ve had a couple of skeptics that come too and they don't say things like ‘I’m a skeptic, I don’t believe’ and all that stuff. It’s cool because everybody is super nice at these events. At Bobby Mackey’s Music World, this guy who was a skeptic reached me with his girlfriend in the middle of an group EVP session, it was dead silent. Everybody was on the edge, just listening. And after we played back, we get a voice on the recorder and we were all blown away. And the girl’s like ‘I believe. I definitely believe in the paranormal, but my boyfriend here is skeptic, he doesn’t believe. Would you let him try to catch something on the recorder?’. I said ‘Sure, you can do this. It just can happen'. I tried to give him the recorder  'Here, why don’t you hold it? I’m not doing anything’. And he’s like ‘No, no no. It’s ok’. We were standing there and he said ‘Why don’t you put it on that chair?’. So I sat it down on the chair with nobody holding the recorder, it was just sitting there. And I asked a question about Bobby Mackey. ‘Did you like when the band played here?'. Everybody was just listening, dead silent. We played it back and we heard ‘I liked it when the band played’. Clear as the day! I picked up the recorder, I took it to the guy, the skeptic, and go ‘Did you hear it?’. He’s like ‘No. I definitely hear that.’ It was awesome! 


T: That's cool. Brian and I have come up against a lot of skeptics as well. Maybe, you know, Nick, when you're talking in front of the crowd, like in this tour that you’re doing. You look out and you kind of feel the audience and see how they’re looking at you. Sometimes it gets you the idea that someone’s looking at you, in the back of your mind you’re like ‘That’s the skeptic of the group, right there, look at the look he’s giving me’. But then you find out that was never the skeptic! They just have a mean look on their face, for some reason. You almost think you’d find that skeptic from the look on their face and he’s usually someone else in the crowd that you weren’t expecting. 


N: Yeah! I mean, everybody there were really cool and down to earth, everybody have been very professional. They wanted to have an experience. That’s what they wanted. I think, not just to meet me in some sense; I think that it’s more or less about, it's a cool adventure for them. Everybody are going in their own direction in their own life, with no one there to explain while we walk. I think my purpose is to learn and discover and show the world what I’m going through and maybe catch groundbreaking evidence that we never would discover. And I think that some of these people want to be a part of it, which I find very fascinating and very cool. So, you know, why not? Why not let them along for the ride? Anybody. And it’s cool because I get questions at the Q&A. Like in Mansfield, this one lady said that she was skeptic ‘I’ve never done this before but I also think that sometimes it takes an experience to become some of the believers’. You don’t have to be all believer, you can just open your mind up a little bit and question that. And question the afterlife, question what is next. Because we don’t have that answer! We really don’t know! And I think that what’s very fascinating about this genre. 


T: You're right. I think that people have this idea that if they’re gonna believe in the paranormal they thinks it's just a matter of seeing this white sheet dragging chains around home late at night, but it’s not that at all. It’s such a bigger process than that. And it does when you start digging into the science of it. It is about the energy and what’s left behind. You know, I think events like yours, Nick, and other events around the country will start to break those walls down. And allowing people to see that is more than that. 


N: Absolutely. I really do, because it gets personable taking somebody out there. They’re all not just watching me on tv anymore, they’re right with me. We're kind of walking in our shoes together in a location that’s reportedly haunted. And we’re experiencing this thing together, we’re hearing the voices together, we’re getting the feelings together. So I feel ‘Ok, get up the couch, stop watching the tv, come to this event and experience’. I think that’s a lot more about experiencing life. And life is an adventure. It’s fun, we have a good time doing it, it’s a good group of people. And that’s pretty much what it is and we love it. 


T: […] So, beyond the tour, Nick, are there any new big projects on the way that you can tell us about? 


N: I’m producing a couple of projects coming up that I can’t necessarily talk about yet, but I’m really excited about. I'm trying to take paranormal to the next level and being groundbreaking. So that’s the next kind of objective that I have on my path. I will announce very soon on my Facebook, Twitter and all the social media stuff. So I’m very excited, I’m excited of the direction going on my life right now. 


T: Do you see a book in your future? 


N: I wrote a book called “Chasing Spirits - The Building of the Ghost Adventures Crew” that was published by Penguin Group. You can get it anywhere: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, online Kindle... pretty much you can just Google it and find it down there or purchase it in the store. It tells about the first period of my life. In 1988 I had my nearly-death-experience, I fell from a tree, I hurt my arm, I almost died but my mom saved my life. That fact kind of set me up my quest. And then, it tells about how, since childhood, the fascination I had for the paranormal just grew on me until I went off and made the documentary. 


T: Was your family open to this or is it something you’ve kinda done on your own and really didn’t let your parents know that you were interested in the paranormal? 


N: Yeah, I mean, it’s funny because I wouldn’t just like all the things paranormal, just UFOs and aliens. When I was a kid, I was like about twelve years old, I made a map. My dad came in my room and I said ‘You see the X right here? I’m going to Area 51!’. *Laughs* What twelve year old says that? That’s kind of crazy! 


T: And what’s your dad’s response to that? 


N: He was like ‘What are you talking about?!’. I think that I was fascinated because my grandmother, my dad’s mom, would always talk about the paranormal, above all UFOs. I grew up in Nashua, New Hampshire, I used to go over to her house all the time when I lived there. But it wasn’t until I was in college - I went to UNLV in Las Vegas - that I began to go in that direction. And I remember that, while in there, I took Veronique - my wife now - and went to Area 51 with her, it was at the border line. I made a joke ‘Maybe, if I put my big toe over this red line, they will they shoot me?' *Laughs* Crazy stuff like that all the way until Virginia City, Nevada. Later I met the other two guys and that’s just kinda became what it is now. We went off to Virginia City and shot the documentary. Ten years later, here we are. We kept a week just go and hunt locations all over the world. And just really that’s why I became in tune and started to understand why the gift I have, the sensitivity that I developed over the years at haunted locations: my ability to tap into the spiritual realm of things. I just felt like I was some of the magnet for the spirits that come and speak to me through devices like digital recorders. 


T: When you studied at UNLV, Nick, did you actually do some producing or filming? Was that part of your study? 


N: I’ve watched films since I was a little kid, you know. I was about ten years old when I used to ride my bike down the streets to the video store to go and rent every single horror genre movie that was on the VHS tape. This one time I walked up to the clerk and said ‘I wanna get Dr. Giggles’ which was a horror movie. He looked at me and said ‘Does your mom know that you’re watching it?’ *Laughs* I stayed calm and said ‘Yes, that’s my mom over there’ and basically it was not my mom. He was like ‘Ok’. Later my mom would come home and said ‘What are you watching?! Take it back!’ and she yelled at me. So I was always into films. I LOVE movies. I’m a movie fanatic. You come to my house and see shelfs and shelfs of DVDs. I used to watch movies at night, above all horror movies. I went to college for Film and I made a movie called ‘Malevolence’ and it was like one of those movies that gets you compelled to one epic ending, like 'Pulp Fiction'. That was kind of my fun and little experiment of film, you know, I directed it, I did everything of it. 


T: So do you have plans to get back in front of the camera, Nick? Or are you kinda settling in this role of behind the scenes guy that’s running everything? 


N: I’m doing both. 


T: Nick, before we let you go, we wanna thank you so much for taking the time to be with us. I’ve gotta ask now, because you’ve let us know that you are a huge horror movie fan. What is your favorite and what is your scariest? It’s a two part question. Your favorite horror movie and what’s the one that still bothers you today to watch? 


N: It’s fun because horror movies grew over me throughout the years. It’s hard just to pick one, but recently I realized probably the one that got under my skin, it’s kind of weird to say, it’s ‘The Exorcist’. It really does. Because the fact of losing your own mind and having some other being, or energy, or whatever that sinister thing is, overtaking your body, your mindset, your spiritual realm. That’s what scared me more than anything. It’s hard to watch really late at night upon laying in bed. But I love movies, I love also other movies like ‘Haute Tension’, and a kind of different movies with genre and stuff like that. 


T: And recently have you seen the new thriller movie by Kevin Smith, with Justin Long, ‘Tusk’? 


N: I haven’t seen it yet, but I have it on my Netflix list.  


T: You need to see it. It’s dark, it’s messed up, but it’s fantastic! 


N: I saw the trailer and that’s bizarre. 


T: Yeah, it is. Bizarre is one way to put it. And it’s one of those movies that when it’s done you’re like ‘What the hell?!’. But it’s worth it. It’s a good one. 


N: I love psychological thrillers like ‘Haute Tension’, where you can just lose yourself, you don’t know what’s happening, there's irreversible stuff going. That’s how I feel sometimes when I’m on a haunted location, losing my mic! *Laughs* 


T: Speaking of haunted locations. Before we let you go, Nick, what you have coming up for the tour? 


N: What do we have coming up, Lee? 


L: Actually, next week-end, May 2nd, we’re gonna be at the Missouri State Penitentiary. We are super pumped about that place, it’s known as the ‘Bloodiest 47 Acres in America’ by ‘Time Magazine’. I cannot wait to get into this place. Then, coming up on July 11th, we’re going to be at Pennhurst, in Spring City, Pennsylvania, we are really excited about that one too. And I think there’s a couple more that we’ve not announced yet, but surely will come pretty soon. 


T: Where can people go to get informations and tickets on this? 


L: Informations and tickets will be or you can check out our Facebook, TwitterInstagram and all that stuff of the Nick Groff Tour. We keep updated our fans on our social media, do lots of giveaways, a lot of stuff like that. So I urge everybody to follow us on Twitter, find us on Facebook and you can win some free stuff, including tickets of the the VIP pack on our social media contests. 


T: Alright. And even though it’s not a part of the official tour, we will see you guys in the beginning of August for the 6th annual Michigan Paranormal Convention. Lee Kirkland and Nick Groff. Guys, thank you so much!"

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