Interview: Nick for "The Ghost Host Show" [eng - 5/30/15]

Last May 30th Nick has been interviewed by the amazing Gian and Sophia Temperilli for their radio show "The Ghost Host Show." There was a special mention and thanks to Gwen and Francesca, from all of them. There was also a surprise call from Chad Lindberg to Nick. We transcribed and translated it for you, but you can listen and download it clicking here.

"Gian Temperilli: […] Sophia, we have a returning guest today. Who do we have online? 


Sophia Temperilli: Today we have on Nick Groff. Producer of Destination America’s ‘Ghost Stalkers’, Travel Channel’s ‘Ghost Adventures’, ‘Vegas Stripped’; best selling author of ‘Chasing Spirits’; founder of Drive Health & Fitness in Massachusetts; musician and internationally known paranormal investigator. Nick Groff has returned to the show. Follow him on, Twitter @NickGroff_ or go to


G: […] Nick, are you there? 


Nick: Hey, how is it going? How’s everybody doing? 


G&S: Hey Nick! Thank you for coming. 


N: Thank you for having me here again. 


S: I know you have a lot going on. How do you balance family life and being a network producer, promoting series on broadcast, conducting paranormal investigations at national events, publishing books and managing your gym? 


N: *Laughs* I don’t know. I’ve tried to figure that out sometimes myself! I kinda came down with the science of 24 hours in one day. So you estimate to need about realistically 4/5 hours of sleep. That’s how I toss everything around to stay healthy and at the same time keep balanced and grounded. It gets complicated at times, but I’m just living life to the fullest. I feel like life is so short and you have to run with every passion you can possibly put out there into the universe. Anything that comes into my life that I have a real passion for, I just go after it and conquer it. Obviously, family is the first, always, especially my little girls. It’s just all balancing. I’m keeping a positive mentality about it. 


G: Congratulations on Chloë being coming upon one year. 


N: I know, it’s crazy. Time flies. Everything just flies-by, you really have to cherish those moments. It’s very nice being around and being able to spend the time with her, she’s crawling already, she’s already standing, she just walks around. 


S: Definitely. Time definitely flies, especially with little kids, I know. 


N: The first year is crazy too cause they don’t really do anything but sleeping and all of a sudden they’re crawling, walking and talking. It’s just crazy, but I love it. 


G: How old is Annabelle now? 


N: Annabelle is 4. She’s gonna be 5 in December. 


G: Wow! Geez. 


N: I know. It seems like yesterday. I still remember when Annabelle was born and four days later I had to go out and do an investigation. I think we were in Arizona, somewhere, filming an episode of 'Ghost Adventures'. So it’s crazy. 


G: We missed you on board of the Queen Mary cause you were delivering her. *Laughs* 


N: Yes, for that event. At least I got to see you guys the second time we came up there. It was awesome, actually, investigating with Sophia and you. It was a really good time. 


S: One of my most memorable investigations, I’ve had an awesome time. 


N: Yeah, it was weird. You know, I wish we had more time where we could just sit there, in the pool area, cause I felt that was the creepiest. I really wanna go back cause that pool area just intrigued me a lot. I don’t know, it’s weird because you step on the boat and you know you’re on the boat, it’s a kind of bed & breakfast type scenario, and then you walk around that pool area, it feels like you’re walking through some sort of ‘Twilight Zone’, where everything just flips and you feel like you’re in another world. And that’s the feeling I got every time I was walking through that pool area while we were investigating there, I really wanna go back and check it out some more. 


G: We’ll take you any time. 


S: Yes, it’s definitely a very creepy place. I went there shortly after that, it’s just a really creepy pool area and the ghost that’s in there, it’s really just…. wow! 


N: You have a strong connection too. I know we talked about this last time, Sophia. That you really get like a sense since you were a little kid. Spirits follow you, they even know you by your name! And you probably have had all sorts of experiences, more than I would imagine. 


S: Yeah. I was just telling someone the other day, I don’t really remember who it was, at school. We were talking about ghosts and I totally forgot about this experience. One time I was in the pool area with my family, nothing was happening, I was just sitting down and kind of tired. I was younger, probably 9, and I felt brushing against my elbow and I knew I was just being touched on the elbow by a ghost. 


N: *Laughs* That’s awesome. Was that your first experience, where you actually got touched by something that wasn’t there, like a spirit? 


S: Yes, that was actually my first and only time. I’ve never been touched by a ghost, it’s the weirdest thing. Like, everyone walk through cold spots and have their hair on their arms standing and I’ve never had that happened! I can know when they are there, but I’ve never had any of that happened. 


N: It’s rare. Especially from my experience throughout the years, it’s weird because I felt hands push me on the back before. Many times when I’ve been filming in a location, I felt like little kids tugging on my shirt. I felt the sensation of somebody touching your arm, touching your hand. I felt something like that a bunch of times. You physically feel that, like something is touching you and that’s the crazy part about it. What I find very odd in the paranormal is this just being certain of things we don’t fully understand yet. 


S: Like when we went to haunted house I would always know when a ghost was there and I could see it but my mom couldn’t. And she would walk through a doorway, to the alcove. She wouldn’t feel that it was there, just like cold spots and everything. 


N: Yes, that’s interesting. It sounds like you have that kind of sixth sense since you were a kid, where you can just sense it. Have you ever tried to hold it in, that ability? As you grow older, it probably grows stronger. I don’t know if your body is the key to the paranormal, that’s why I’m saying hold in on that and just learning from yourself, those instances and those experiences. You'll actually get more in tune and more sensitive to that special energy. It’s really interesting, but that’s what I’ve learned. 


S: I’ve thought about it but then I’m just like ‘I don’t know, I don’t wanna see ghosts 24/7’ like I know some people would have. So I’m just like ‘I want to get through high school first’. 


*They all laugh* 




N: Keep an open mind, definitely don’t push that off. Be open minded about that. As you grow older, it’s gonna grow in you. But it’s interesting, I think that paranormal in general is an interesting world and I think it becomes more mature on an individual, like as you grow older. You know, once in my thirties I was like ‘Wow’. You feel like you know your destiny, you know where you’re going, your path. because when you look at your twenties you’re still trying to figure out the world in general. I can definitely speak for teenage ruthless years when we were younger. Especially me, when I was younger, you’ll probably know that from the book that I wrote. It’s cool just figure out the path you are going on. 


S: Definitely. Can you also tell our audience what to expect from reading your book ‘Chasing Spirits’ and where they can get a copy? 


N: A publisher approached me on Facebook years ago and she said ‘Do you ever think about writing a book?’. It’s funny because, you know, I got so many emails in a day, I responded and I checked the website. I thought ‘Interesting, I’ve never really though to write a book’ and I started digging into it. And I was like ‘Wow, actually all these things that happened to me in the past possibly molded me to what I am now and guided into this direction, to the paranormal world’. From the instances of me falling from the tree, ripping up my arm and almost dying. Other instances like going to Virginia City, Nevada, before I even knew what Virginia City, Nevada, was when we filmed the documentary of ‘Ghost Adventures’. A lot of these things that I recount in the book from age 8, all the way up to, I think I was 30 years old. I was laughing about it cause it’s like ’I’m 30 years old, why do I have to talk about my life, maybe come back here when I’m 60 or something!’. *Laughs*. So it was really interesting, I just wanted to be an open book and talk about all my experiences, my life journey, the ups and downs of the industry, just everything about how hard it was to get us where we are now. You know, it’s just a part of the life. ‘Ghost Adventures’ wasn’t just a tv show where we casted, that happened… it wasn’t that. To better understand it, I really wanted to explain how everything kinda came together, it wasn’t just ‘put these things together and happen overnight’ type of thing. So, that’s what the book is. I mean, that’s the first part of my life and I can’t wait to write about the second part, cause I’m even crazier! Since I last wrapped that book to all the stuff that has happened to me since, cause it has been out a little while now. And you can pretty much find almost anywhere, like at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and they have it in Australia now. The book is pretty much everywhere, Kindle and stuff like that. You just Google the title, you’ll find it pretty much all over the place. 


G: Right. 


S: I also know from Twitter, Janelle, in Willmore, California, asks: ‘When will your next book be available and will you further reveal the rest of the story regarding the three-legged dog that you promised details about in Chasing Spirits?’. 


N: I think I was in sixth grade when I wrote that story about a three-legged dog. It’s just a weird imagining the story that I came up with. I think it was based after I’ve seen ‘Cujo’, you know, the Stephen King’s movie. In this book I wrote my own adaptation and I think it was like this weird dream I had. It was me coming home from school, I’m with my friends and we suddenly come across this dog that had three legs. It was just the weirdest story, like a regular Stephen King scenario, but then it sounded like a David Lynch movie, really weird! I don’t know what the heck was going on in my mind sometimes, but that’s the stuff I wrote about when I was a kid. I can’t find it, though, I looked everywhere; I really want to find it, cause I know that my mom kept a lot of my stuff of when I was younger, like some pictures I drew. I guess I’ll put it all online someday. I’ll have to keep and looking for it. 


S: Yeah, I know. My parents do stuff like that too. Probably around the same age when you wrote the three-legged dog story I was in school and I actually wrote about the ghost on the Queen Mary. My parents were like super excited, they loved it. 


G: That was pretty cool. We got to find it somewhere! 


N: Yes, that’s the good thing about our parents. They keep our old stuff around. You never know when you’ll need it again. 


S: Like my Playstation 2, I just pulled it out today from the garage. 


N: Playstation 2, nice! My parents didn’t have a tv when I was younger, we didn’t get one until I was 10 or so. All I used to do is running around the woods all day and my mom said ‘Get out of the house, return to the woods, do something with yourself’, driving me crazy. I remember that when we got the tv I started to get into horror movies cause I would catch my sister watching like ‘A Nightmare in Elm Street’ and stuff like ‘Alien’. I remember I would come down one night and she was watching “Alien”, I think she was 13 and I was 10. That movie gave me nightmares that night. That’s part for why I watch horror movies and why I have a crazy imagination. *Laughs* 


G: We have a surprise caller for you, Nick. It’s Chad Lindberg! Hey Chad! 


Chad: What’s up, buddy?! 


N: What’s up, man, how have you been?! 


C: I’ve been missing you, pal. 


N: I know. You too. It was nice to see you a couple of months ago, I was out there in LA and I saw you there. It was a good time. I’ll tell you what, Chad Lindberg can rock karaoke. We went out to karaoke one night and he was killing it up on the table. *Laughs* What was the karaoke song that you sang? 


C: ‘Don’t stop believin’ by Journey. 


G: Nice! 


N: Oh, yeah, Journey. Nice! It was a good time, it was great. I was in LA for a business trip and Chad was precious enough to chill with me. I thought I would hang out with him regardless. Then we went out, and there’s was like Kammy and my buddy Jimmy O. from, we’ve just had a such fun night. I think we went there for lunch and we ended up leaving around ten o’clock. We ate and we were chilling and all of a sudden these guys are setting this dj boot. We were like ‘Oh, is that karaoke?’. We were sitting like right in front of the karaoke boot. They say ‘Right, we have karaoke’. I say ‘Wow, we’re not leaving, we’ve got the perfect sit’. So it was hilarious. [Click here to watch part of Chad's performance!] 


S: I saw that song on SnapChat. 


C: You probably did! *Laughs* 


S: So, Chad, are there any upcoming productions, appearances or websites that you wish to mention? 


C: Oh, wow. What’s going on? I’m doing a few investigations on my own, a few events. Other than that, just enjoying the summer. 


S: Definitely. I almost can enjoy summer, I’m almost done at school. 


C: Almost. 


G: Chad has an official website too: I’m linking it in the chatroom for everybody too. 


C: Thank you. 


N: Nice. 


S: So, how did you two first meet? 


*Nick laughs* 


C: It was in Linda Vista. 


N: I really wanted to go back to Linda Vista after the experience I had back in 2009 and we did the ‘Return to Linda Vista’, I think it was 2010. And we invited Chad. I forget exactly how we went down. How did we go down, Chad? Did you talk to somebody? 


C: I’ve been trying to talk to you guys for years. And finally when Twitter came along I talked to Zak. Then we became friends with you guys and the rest is history. 


N: Yeah, that was it. That was meant to be. I went back to the hospital and pretty much just hung out with him after that. We became really good friends ever since. 


G: We saw ‘Ghost Stalkers’, we’ve just checked the episodes. I mean, Chad, with ‘Ghost Stalkers’, feature film actor, just immersed in the field of the paranormal. Chad, how did you really get into the field and what really caught your attention? What was your first experience? 


C: I’ve always had sensations since I was young, I’ve always been fascinated with it. And when Nick’s show came along, it really lit up a sort of sparks inside of me that have been there for years. And I started doing it on my own, especially after Linda Vista, I started digging into it and took it seriously. I’m very passionate about it, I started investigating and getting invited to all these places. Then I decided to learn from some of the best, you know, Nick and Mark and Debby Constantino. I just got to meet everyone of you guys, I got to meet so many wonderful people. So I’ve begun investigating for 5/6 years pretty heavily. And I got the fateful phone call from Nick Groff one day and it took me out to ‘Ghost Stalkers’, which was a dream come true. I’d never, in my wildest dreams, thought that it would come true. We’ve had the best time shooting that show, with so many laughs, and John Tenney is amazing. They’re gonna air it during the week now, on Destination America, in their paranormal block. That’s cool. 


G: Oh, cool! 


N: I think they have a whole air date on June 1st, that’s right? 


C: Yeah, I think they’re gonna do it every day. They’re going to show all the paranormal shows. 


G: From ‘Supernatural’, ‘The Last Samurai’, ‘October Sky’, ‘The Fast and the Furious’, Chad, thanks so much for calling. 


C: Thank you for having me. Thank you, Sophia. I’ll talk to you, Nick. 


N: Yeah, I’ll talk to you too. Thank you, man. 


G: Again, the website is Chad Lindberg. 


N: That’s the best. I love how you came out like ‘Chad will come back with that!’. 


G: Yes! 


*They all laugh* 


N: It’s so awesome, I love it. So funny. 




G: […] Special thanks to Gwen and Francesca of ‘Ghost Adventures Fans - Italia’ and ‘Team Nick Groff’ for translating this episode for our audience in German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, French. Thank you guys so much! Visit @GACFansItaly or @TeamNickG_. So we have a lot of people trying to interprete what is going on after the show in all of those sites. The show will be translated for you. That’s pretty cool. 


S: Definitely. They’re just awesome people. I couldn’t be happier to have them as supporters and friends. 


G: Our guest, Nick Groff, is back in the show. Nick, thank so much for come. 


N: Thank you. I love how now we’re going international. Great! *Laughs* I gotta say thank you to Gwen too, she’s amazing. I met her when I was - I was so exhausted, after investigating overnight - in Ireland. I was coming home and I happened to bump into her while I was in the airport. We took a quick picture together, I talked to her a little bit. She was really nice, she stayed in touch with me on Facebook and then created 'Team Nick Groff', which I thought was cool. And now it got international all over the place, Italy, Spain… different countries. Really a good support. I just can’t thank them enough. They’ve been really super supportive about me and much love to everybody over there overseas. 


G: We’ve also somebody else who wants to say hi to you. From Texas, we have ‘Luckykimba’, she’s a great supporter of you as well. Hey, you’re on with Nick Groff right now! 


Fan #1: Hello? Hi Nick. 


N: Hey, how’s it going? How’s everything? 


F#1: I’m good. I wanted so bad to be talking to you. 


N: Thank you. 


F#1: You’re welcome, no, thank you. I don’t know what to say, but I will always support you in everything you do. Wow, I’m in shock I’m talking to you! 


N: *Laughs* Really appreciated! Thank you so much. I appreciate everybody who’s supporting me through the last couple of months with everything I’ve been doing and that will come in the future. I’m really excited. Everybody has been super cool. Just the comments I got on Facebook, even you calling in right now, it means a lot to me... I don’t think people understand how much it actually means to me. I really mean it, because a lot of you guys watch the stuff that I’m doing. It would be more difficult for me to get that stuff out there for more people to see it, since I’m super passionate about the paranormal. I’ve always have been, since I was a kid. It’s really cool to have that much support coming my way, so I can just give much back into this world. 


F#1: I have one question for you. I love your show ‘Ghost Stalkers’. Chad, David, Tim, John… they’re just wonderful. Are you gonna make more episodes? 


N: That’s a good question. I produced 6 episodes last year already. And pretty much that was it. They were like 6 specials, we wanted to do just an experiment and be totally out of this world. Separating these guys in a haunted location where they could stay by themselves, I thought it was really interesting. There’s a guy with so many years of experience, John Tenney, and a guy like Chad Lindberg, who is super passionate about the paranormal, someone really still new but who loves it. So it was interesting to mash-up these two guys with different reactions to what they have to go through. It’s so funny, Chad’s reactions are great, because you can tell he’s genuinely scared with a lot of paranormal stuff. Which I thought was actually really cool because if anybody knows him personally, he’s one of the most down to earth passionate guys, really sincere. A lot of the stuff that happened to the two of them, the evidence.... it was absolutely mind-blowing. I think sometimes people like that, when put into situations with the feeling they knew the paranormal, they have a reaction that produces energy that intensifies the paranormal activity. Chad was really excited, it was really fun. But that’s it for now, we’ll see what the future holds. 


G: On Twitter and Instagram, it’s '@luckykimba', a great supporter of you. And there’s another person here, from Arizona. Scott. 


Fan#2: Hey Nick. How you’re doing? 


N: Good. Doing really good. How you’re doing? 


F#2: Good! I got to thank you finally for all the motivation you gave me on losing weight, it really made the difference. And I just wanna to thank you so much for your words, they have encouraged me. 


N: Awesome! It’s so cool because I remember the first time you wrote me and, trust me, I got a lot of emails! And it was cool for you to write me. How many years ago that was it? I forget! 


F#2: It was 2 years ago. 


N: Yeah. It was cool because Scott and I talked all the time on Facebook about lose your weight and stuff like that, I kept him motivated and I know it’s super challenging. Just seeing him for the first time at the event that we got recently was awesome because I saw his transformation over the years. You were sending me your weight loss as you were progressing. And it’s super cool to see you go through that and I feel amazing, right? I feel great. 


F#2: You know, I watch your Drive Health & Fitness videos to help motivating me and that’s what keeps me going. 


N: Awesome. You know what keeps me motivated? It’s the comments you guys send me! *Laughs* It’s viceversa, to be honest with you! Look, everybody is human and we all go through this emotional roller coaster once in our life. Not everyday is, you know, sunshine, there are highs and lows. I mean, I get the pressure like everybody else. I would listen to music to get me going and kinda break down that barrier, that wall, that door. You guys always post me all those amazing comments and that’s actually what inspires me. You writing me about your life, about what you’re trying to do, and I’m ‘Wow! She can do it, I wanna do it’. It’s a viceversa thing for me mentally, it motivates me just the same way. So thank you. 


F#2: Let me ask you. With all the locations you’ve been to, I’ve recently come across where I’m getting EVPs with your name in them. At the Washoe Club, at the Miner’s Cabin, at Villisca Axe Murder House. The last that came in, it was your birthday. What is the correlation between spirits knowing that? 


N: I don’t know. It’s really interesting. And it’s funny you mentioned that because I talked to somebody else, who just said the exact same thing to me. I was just up in Virginia City, Nevada, and they told me the same thing about the Washoe Club. Somebody who was investigating there said they were getting my name at the Washoe and in some other places too. Kind the same that you’ve just mentioned. It’s creepy. It’s weird. I don’t know. I think it’s some sort of intelligent response, from remembering me. Maybe I have some sort of strong connection with a lot of the places I’ve been to, where they reached out to me or something. Or could it be something more beyond what we can actually comprehend. Like, have you seen the movie, lately, ‘Interstellar’, with Matthew McConaughey? 


F#2: Yes. 


N: Can you imagine it’s something like that? *Laughs* That it’s me in the future communicating to you guys and myself at these locations, keeping my name alive? I really don’t know the answer to that. Sometimes it’s so beyond what we can comprehend. 


F#2: Again, I just wanna say thank you, Sophia. You rock. I’m gonna be down in LA, so I’ll see you guys soon. 


G: See you soon, Scott! Thanks so much. 


S: So, Nick. I know one question that a lot of people wanna know, is: Will you be trying out for American Ninja Warrior again? 


N: Not this year. I always think about it and I was gonna out for it, but I actually got really busy with a major project that I’m working on right now. So I won’t be able to this year, which is totally fine. I really set goals for myself, and sometimes I have to pick major goals to keep myself motivated, because it’s really hard. So, it’s just one of those things that if I want to go for it, great, I’ll go for it. When I went for American Ninja Warrior last year I had time on my hands while we were filming. It was fun but honestly I feel stronger, healthier and mentally in everything just the best shape of my life right now. One day maybe I’ll go for that. What I am doing on July, I’m going off for BattleFrog, it’s a Navy SEALs course, designed by the Navy SEALs. I’m gonna be running their obstacles, I think it’s 10 miles of obstacles, like swim, climb… it’s crazy! It’s designed by navy seals for their training. But I’m excited about that, cause I love super challenges and I love obstacles, anything that you can climb, conquer, whatever. So, that would be really fun. I’m gonna do that. 


G: Wow. 


S: Also, on Twitter, Kimberly from Australia asks: ‘What would be the best advice about being a paranormal investigator and what advice would you give to other people that are becoming field researchers?’. 


G: She’s the one who got your tattoo on her leg! *Laughs* 


N: Oh, yeah, I love Australia. The advice I would give is to be just open minded. When you’re diving in the paranormal there are so many things to learn, but there are also so many things to experience. And I feel like, from my experience, you have to go through locations and have certain experiences to understand certain things. Your body is the best key. Like we were talking about, Sophia, earlier. Listen to your body, your mind, what you’re feeling and what you’re picking upon as far as energies go into sensations. I think that’s definitely one of the most important keys and then, if you get that certain feelings, go on with the digital recorder and ask questions. Ask questions more about what you’re feeling and what’s in the environment, as far as you might actually know the spirits of the ones that actually passed away there. Ask the questions to them. But keep positive in between your questions, like you’re really talking to somebody. I’ve seen a lot of people that just ask questions like ‘What’s your name?’, ‘Where are you?’, ‘What day is it?’. Be like you’re really trying to communicate, like you and I are talking right now. So, it’s the same scenario, you have to give it a little bit of time for the spirits to speak. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer cause it takes a lot of energy for, I guess, put out that kind of energy in the air, so you can collectively catch your stuff. 


S: Also, Kati Marie on Twitter asks: ‘What’s into your mind when paranormal investigating? Essentially, what goes through the process of an investigation?’. 


N: What’s the process of an investigation? Oh, man, it can go from nothing happening to all of a sudden everything happening! When I investigated Moonriver Brewing Company, in Savannah, Georgia. That was one of the most intense investigations, because I’ve been thinking that anything was gonna happen for awhile, I didn’t know what to expect. I get the stories, but I usually go with an open mind, not expecting anything really to happen, until something actually does. You know, stuff like that, where you can go in and, you can do another research in the history, you set up the spots you wanna conquer, setting up the cameras, communicating using different devices. But it can get definitely crazy. At Moonriver I didn’t really notice about negative energy too. You know, it’s like fighting yourself, almost, like ‘Good vs Evil’ type scenario, where someone’s taking over your mental state. And that’s the worst feeling, I think. There’s not a lot of things that scare me in this world, living and dead, but I think that what gets me in a lot of troubles is getting myself into those situations, like climbing into the morgue that one night. And then feeling that some kind of dreadful negative energy overtakes you when you get too open minded into the situations. 


S: Are there any upcoming productions, projects, events, appearances, shows or websites you wish to let the audience to know about? 


N: Yes. So, we have June 20th is coming up with the Perryville Battlefield event for the Nick Groff Tour, I’ll be hosting a tour there. You can go to, all of the events are up there. And June 20th is coming up quick, it’s already sold out. We’re doing a limitate package, cause I thought it was really cool limiting it to a small group. Basically we’ll be doing the dinner with me one night, where we talk about all the things paranormal and then we get to investigate Rocky Point Manor, which is really cool, extremely haunted. Then, the next day - and there’s still some tickets left for that day - we’re gonna investigate the Perryville Battlefield and the Dye House, so it’s going to be really interesting. That one is pretty much going really fast. Then we have July 11th at Pennhurst, in Pennsylvania, and that’s absolutely amazing location. A lot of history, a lot of sad tragedy that took place there, but that is pretty much sold out, I think that there’s only a couple of tickets left, like 3. Lee Kirkland, Jennifer Kirkland and Jeff Waldridge, they are all running those events, they’re amazing, they keep me updated and all that stuff. And then, the big one I’m really excited about too, is August 28th and 29th, the whole week-end we’re doing at Virginia City, Nevada. And I’m pumped about that. You guys gotta try and come if you can, you’re more than welcome to. 


G: We loved it there. Wow. 


N: I’d love to have you guys come. We’re hosting obviously the Washoe Club, I cannot wait. And that’s like, it’s weird to me, it almost feels like my second home. It’s just bizarre the situations when I’ve investigated there. I got my name a lot there, I feel a strong connection there, I’m already haunted by weird dreams, like good and bad. So it’s just a mixture of emotions, every time I go there. We’re doing a Q&A at the Piper Opera House, then we’re doing a whole tour with everybody the first night. We have dinner, we do a tour to the whole town and go to the St. Mary Hospital investigation. And in the second night we get to investigate the Washoe Club. There are more locations that I will announce soon. Those are pretty much my events for the rest of the year, except I’m doing Paracon in Michigan coming up on August 7th and 8th, it’s up on my site too. A lot of things coming on, I will have some exciting news. I would say another month or so that I’ll announce to have been working on a really big show for tv. I’m really pumped to it. 


S: I just saw a question on Twitter from Tammy. She asks: ‘Who would you like to investigate with?’. 


N: There’s a lot of people. I know pretty much everybody in the paranormal field that I’ve crossed paths with until now. I’m pretty much family with everybody and I take expertise from a lot of people that I’ve met. I’ve learned a lot from John Tenney, from John Zaffis, Chip Coffey, Amy Bruni. I’m really cool with Amy Bruni, she’s super nice. I can go on and on, I got so many people out there. Katrina Weidman, that girl is awesome, she’s really cool, I know her really good. Hopefully she might come to the Pennhurst event tour coming up. I’ve just talked to her yesterday, actually. And then, also, Heather [Taddy] from ‘Paranormal State’… just a lot of people. I mean, there’s so many people that I think it would be fun to investigate with, just seeing their skills, their abilities. I love to see people mashed-up, because, you know, at the end of the day, it’s the paranormal, right? We’re all experiencing certain things, different things. So I think it’s interesting collectively, one unit of individuals to do this together. And I find it more interesting and fascinating because you can actually compare evidence, theories and mentalities. I’m all about that. I’m not about the drama. *Laughs* Anybody who knows me know that I’m all about working with people. I’ve no ego. I’m just super passionate and I just wanna move forward to the future with the paranormal, I’m just learning more. I wanna have amazing experiences. I live for the thriller things. I’m like a super adventurer guy. So, I push the drama out of my mind. I don’t know the next crazy things I’m gonna do but I have a lot in the works. I have a lot on my mind, it’s gonna be pretty epic and it actually scares me a little bit! *Laughs* I’m taking one bite at time as I move forward and think about every possibility that could get me into a lot of awesome locations. A lot of exciting things coming up. 


G: Let me say, Nick, from one father to another. I know why you’re taking the risks you take. This show’s open to you if you’ll ever have anything to announce, we’ll be promoting each and everyone of your events along the way because, like Christopher Saint Booth and Peter James, you’re like a Santa Claus. You are able to give back everybody. Your favorite things, you retweet people stuff, I don’t know how you get every word among the followers and friends that you have. I mean, you are a true person in the field and that’s what I’ve always admired in you. Thank you so much, Nick! 


N: Thank you. Me just being me, that’s it. I’m super grounded and I’m just super focused right now in my life. I know the direction I wanna go. You know, when you’re in a certain chapter in your life and you’re like ‘Wow. I know what my destiny is. I know why I am here on this planet, right now. I know what my mission is’. And I finally realized that. So that’s the direction I’m heading in my life right now. I saw this really cool Mark Twain’s quote and it says ‘The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why’. Once I’ve read that quote I was like ‘Wow, I finally realize why I’m here in my life’. And I personally know it, in my mind. I’m just headed in the right direction. 


S: Definitely. It’s a really good feeling to know what you really want to do for the rest of your life. 


N: Absolutely. It’s cool because once you’ve figured that out, I thinks it affects everybody else around you. And if you figure out the positives and the negatives, everybody has positives and negatives in their life, no matter who you are. I feel like I’m into the positive state right now, I’m in such a good direction that all this energy that I’m putting up in the universe is just coming back for a circle. So I just feel like I’m blessed. I have good things to come and I’m just really excited. I really am. And I can’t thank you guys enough, especially for all the support that you’ve given me. 


G: Thank you. 


N: Keep doing what you’re doing, Sophia. 


S: You supporting me and my show... I can’t thank you enough for that. It was awesome to meet you on the Queen Mary and I hope to be able to see you again soon. 


N: We’ll see each other again soon, definitely. 


G: Maybe in Virginia City! *Laughs* 


N: Yeah! Come on up. 


G: I love that town. 


N: Me too. 


G: So, thanks so much, Nick. 


S: Yeah, thank you so much for coming in my show. 


N: Take care."

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Image Edit: Francine.