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virginia city, nevada

The Nick Groff Tour stop in Virginia City on August 28th and 29th, 2015, includes 5 locations!!! It's unbelievable that all these locations have been made available for us!!! Here's a little history on each location! [From NickGroffTour.Com]

1) The Mackay Mansion was built in1859 by a young mine superintendent George Hearst, to be both his residence and the location of a mining office. George Hearst made his fortune here in the mines, with just a 400 dollar investment in the rich Comstock mines. After making several million dollars, Hearst took the money, left Virginia City and made other investments in California, South Dakota, and Utah, securing a huge fortune.

The second owner was Irish-born, John Mackay, who came to Virginia City, and started at the bottom as a miner, but he had skills that elevated him up the latter. He used his training, learned in his youth, to construct mine shafts, and was paid in mine stock. In the 1870s, he was a rich and powerful man, and owned the former Hearst Mansion, now known as the Mackay Mansion. His partner, Mr. James Fair, also had a bedroom at the mansion.

The owners that have followed in the steps of these early owners have done their best to keep Mackay Mansion up and running. It has never been abandoned, like many other mansions. Current owners are in the process of repairing and fixing up this mansion, following in the steps of past owners, which must please the resident spirits.

Some of the hauntings that have been reported at the Mackay Mansion include:

-A little girl dressed in white — This entity has appeared to many staying in the bedrooms. When Johnny Depp stayed in one of the upstairs bedrooms, she came to see him in his room.

-Another female apparition who takes it easy, floating around and "lingering" in favorite spots on the second floor. Perhaps she is a former lady of the house.

-A former Colonel, who in his last years alive, chose to sit in the kitchen, as his favorite way to pass the time. Long after his death, he still is content to sit in the kitchen, and his presence can be felt by psychic people.

-A focused, conscientious woman, maybe a servant, who keeps herself busy, making never-ending trips up and down the staircase, trying to finish the chores on what must be an awesome To-Do List.

2) The Saint Mary’s Hospital. This beautiful building was built and opened its doors in 1879, as a Catholic hospital, under the management of the Sisters of Charity and Bishop Patrick Manogue. Within its 4 floors, 60 to 70 patients could be taken care of in the 36 rooms, which included five public wards and 12 private rooms. Before the government got involved, churches and religious organizations often founded social service facilities to serve the needs of people. Saint Mary's Hospital opened its doors to everyone, from the rich to the poor, to the mentally ill. It nursed the sick from periodic epidemics, took care of injured miners, gun shot victims, and other people suffering from other accidents and illnesses.

After 18 years of service, the Sisters of Charity decided to close the hospital in 1897, giving the building to the county officials. It quickly became the county hospital, because the former public hospital had burned to the ground. This county hospital served the community until 1940, and closed probably because the population was dwindling, WW 2 had just started and the structure needed a major renovation to update it to current standards.

Sadly, this building was empty for 24 years, until 1964, when it nearly had a date with the wrecking ball. The county officials were seriously considering knocking it down and selling its materials, when Father Meinecke came to its rescue with the suggestion that it become an art center. 

Recent claims of paranormal activity include:

-Numerous claims of victims/patients that took their last breath inside the hospital's walls. Saint Mary Art & Retreat Center has had several supernatural occurrences.

-The entity of the "The White Nun". In recent years, this White Nun has been seen floating down the former infirmary's hallways, inspecting the rooms, and can be seen looking intently out a second floor window, maybe looking for the next wagon load of hurt minors or sick children. Sometimes, usually late at night, the White Nun has been spotted on the bottom step of the front staircase of this same building. At the top of this staircase, one also sees at the same time, a little boy with iron braces on his legs, who is visibly scared of falling down these steps. The Nun immediately responds to the scared child, and hurries back up the stairs to comfort this polio-stricken boy, and looks around plaintively for someone to help them. In the former room of the White Nun, the bed is unmade by this entity after it has been made.

-On occasion, people have seen the silent, ghostly reenactment of the horse-drawn hearse, drawing up to a remote door of the hospital building, to collect and carry away the corpses of the dead. The coach sways, and the horses snort, but no sound is heard.

3) The Piper’s Opera House is called the most significant vintage theater in the West, Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City deserves a standing ovation for its long-standing contributions to Nevada’s rich history and culture. It is impossible to understand the real spirit of Piper’s Opera House without also looking at the era and the community in which she thrived. The current building structure, built in 1885, is the third opera house built by John Piper. John Piper was an extremely industrious gentleman with a highly developed entrepreneurial spirit. His involvement on the Comstock, which began in 1860, included ownership of numerous businesses such as the opera house, his famous Old Corner Bar (attached to the opera house), and highly successful participation in County and State Government. Around Virginia City, Piper was known as the “Old Manager,” a shrewd but honest businessman. 

Reported hauntings at Piper's include: 

-A male entity, in a gray suit, and top hat, wearing a handlebar mustache has been seen all over the building. 

-A young, 20-something female entity, wearing a blue evening dress: She usually appears in the Presidium box seats, located on the right side of the stage, on the second level, beside the balcony. She loves musicals, and children's plays and performances.

-The Balcony- A row of seats that were up against the center back wall, were still claimed by the entities of the people who had owned them, and still apparently do. Some have also heard children giggling and playing in the balcony section.

-The Attic- Performers have reported seeing a male entity, standing on the attic ladder, watching them perform.

-The Basement- Unseen spirits are heard roaming all about the basement of Pipers's

4) The Silver Queen Hotel and Chapel was built in in 1876 and served Virginia City in the best and worst ways. During to silver boom, this was a place of luxury and and comfort. However, the hotel was the site of murders, suicides and make shift morgues. 

Claims of paranormal activity that have occurred include:

-Room 11. This was the site of a suicide by the slitting her wrist of a prostitute named Rosie in the bath tub. She is also has been seen and heard roaming the hallways of the hotel. 

-Rooms 12 & 13. These rooms are also known to be visited by an unknown woman. You can also hear voices and crying in these rooms. 

-The Chapel. The Chapel was used as a morgue on several occasions at times the ground was to frozen to dig graves for the corpses.

5) The Washoe Club. The 3 storied Washoe Club was originally built in the 1870s to be a high-class bar/club for the rich, called the Millionaire's Club, that became a meeting place for Virginia's City's elite, well-to-do; where they could mingle with their own kind, enjoy their status as achievers, participating in all the vises and perks of wealth and not have to associate with the low-brow common man. It was created in the spirit of the exclusive men's clubs found in New York, San Francisco, and Boston. While the first floor was the saloon, etc., the upper two floors had fancy suites, a pool room, poker room and areas for other recreational activities frowned on by society at large. As the mining profits declined over the years, there were less well-to-do, and for economic reasons, it eventually opened its doors to everyone, bringing this upscale club into the world of the every day citizen. 

Claims of paranormal activity include:

-A young girl was killed by a predator in the basement. Perhaps other children, who may have resulted in their mothers' line of work also died here from disease or abuse. The apparition of a 13-year-old girl (murdered in the basement) has been seen in a second floor bedroom.

-A young, blonde prostitute, (named Lena by the living), was murdered in one of the third floor rooms during the 1870s. The apparition of the blonde woman has appeared on the spiral staircase. 

-There has been an apparition of a very young girl that has also been seen standing on the spiral staircase.

-The man who killed the prostitute on the third floor, took his own life on the second. He has been seen roaming the entire floor. 

-Then in 2004 a video was captured of an apparition in the ballroom of the Washoe Club. This was, to date one of the most solid pieces of paranormal evidence ever captured. This video evidence was captured by Nick Groff while filming a documentary! This evidence and the Washoe Club helped start a revolution of Paranormal Television.

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