Interview: Nick, Jeff and Jennifer for "Slack Jaw Punks" [eng - 8/7/15]

During their first day at MiParacon, in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, Nick, Jeff and Jennifer did an interview with Bub from "Slack Jaw Punks". The main topics were Nick Groff Tour, ghostly apparitions, young Nick in school detention, Kurt Russell, Nerf guns, pick up lines and physics theories! We transcribed it for you, but you can listen to it or download it by clicking here. Have fun!

"Bub: […] Now here there’s an interview I did with Nick Groff. He was on the show ‘Ghost Adventures’, he’s an awesome dude, friendly as hell. I chatted with him about what is going on with his new sidekicks. Go to and find out everything he’s doing. It’s awesome! Listen to this interview, I had a great time chatting with Nick Groff. […] Guys, thank you for coming over. I appreciate it! 


Nick: Thank you! 


B: Nick, Jeff and Jennifer. Am I wrong? Did I get the names right? 


Jeff: You got them right. 


N: All in order! 


B: I’d like to start off really straight and rigid. That’s what I like to do in my interviews, I wanna get that out of the way. Guys, how much do you like being up here in Sault Ste. Marie? 


N: It’s amazing. 


JF: It’s awesome. 


Jennifer: It’s beautiful. 


B: Did you guys come up here a lot? 


N: I haven’t been here since the first year that they did it. I think it was back in 2009/2010. So it’s been about 5 years, almost, a long time. 


B: What people don’t understand about Michigan is that it’s not just Detroit. That’s where we’re from. Once we leave that city we say like ‘Holy crap, this state is beautiful!’. We forget too. Cause we’re used to a Detroit looking like ‘Mad Max’. And all of a sudden you come out here and it’s like ‘Oh my God, it’s so green and the air is clean!’ That’s insane, guys. 


N: I love Detroit! It's awesome! I’ve got a good friend from there, John E.L. Tenney. He’s from Detroit. I’ve been talking with him about trying to get out of there more often to do research. It’s almost like ‘Escape from New York’, you know, the movie with Kurt Russell trying to get out of there. It’s almost like everyone is trying to escape Detroit, I’m trying to get in! 


B: We recorded our intro three minutes ago on Kurt Russell. It’s hilarious you brought out Kurt Russell here! 


N: He’s one of the best. One of the classic movie stars. 


B: And Detroit is a lot like ‘Escape from New York’. 


N: It is, totally! 


B: Alright, I wanna ask the question everyone wants to know. What did your parents do when you said ‘I’m going to be a professional ghost hunter’? 


N: Well, the thing about that is I didn’t actually tell them! It wasn’t like a profession, like ‘Hey, Dad, Mom. I’m not going to college. I’m gonna be a paranormal investigator’. It was more like ‘Hey, did we just see you on tv? What were you doing on tv?’ and I’m like ‘Oh, you have see that show? I’m on this new show called ‘Ghost Adventures’!'. 


B: They thought you’d probably be a lawyer. 


*they laugh* 


N: Yeah, yeah! My dad probably did, cause he is a lawyer! So it’s funny, he thought thad I’d be like the son prodigy of the lawyer. But I was the total opposite, I was the hyperactive crazy kid. My dad would be strolling down the hall and come and get me from detention at school. I was one of those kids, unfortunately. 


B: If your dad was a lawyer and you were in trouble at school, then… 


N: That time is like doomed. 


B: My dad was a cool man, he said to professors ’Shut up, you’re in idiot!’ *they laugh* Your dad might had sounded ‘I’d like to see the proof. Innocent till proven guilty’. 


N: I used to tell my teachers ‘You know, I think it’s a good time, I probably should call my lawyer’. No, he’s a good guy. Honestly, I was just a hyperactive kid. I just liked having fun, good laughs, living my life. 


B: So they’re cool with it. Aren’t they bothered that you…? 


N: Oh, yeah, absolutely. My mom is very religious, I was raised as a catholic but I am a more spiritual dude, just a soul seeker looking for like ‘what happens when you die?’. I think the ultimate question out of all this is ‘what happens, what’s next?’. I’m a big believer in energy, I think we produce some sort of energy in our bodies and the fact is we are gonna die someday. When our time comes we will truly know what happens next. But I think, with the investigations and the research that I’ve been doing for a long time, we’re getting very close to discovering something new. We just haven’t learned or haven’t found yet. It’s like science. It’s nuts how we’re evolving and in the centuries to come I think we will discover something that we don’t fully understand yet, that we call paranormal. 


B: So you think that the paranormal will be accepted as true science? 


N: You know, the funny thing is that if you look at history, science has been trying to discover things with paranormal since the dawn of the time. They created spaceships, time traveling. There are so many different things that I think scientists are looking at but we just don’t know as a public audience. There’re so many secrets that we don’t know. 


B: Now, this is hypothetical. Let’s say science does, all of a sudden, explain what a ghost is, or a spirit, or whatever they call it. Do you think that it will somehow take away the appeal from all of this? 


N: I don’t know. The problem with science is that a scientist needs to see a ghost sitting in that chair, at 5 pm, every single day. If that ghost is not there at 5 pm every single day, it doesn’t exist. You know what I mean, that’s what science works. Unfortunately, paranormal is like a needle in a haystacks. Sometimes that needle pokes you in the hand when you try to reach the haystacks, so you never know what’s going to jump out to you. 


B: True. How long you’ve been doing this? 


N: Honestly, I’ve been interested in the paranormal since I was a little kid. But I really got heavily involved into researching and documenting the paranormal for well over 15 years or so. 


B: And in 15 years what would you say it’s the craziest thing, the most authentic thing….? 


N: I saw a solid figure in 2009 at Linda Vista Hospital in East LA. We were filming there, I turned around and I saw this woman standing 2 feet in front of my face. It scared me to death! 


B: You saw a neutral… 


N: A solid figure, a lady. I can make out every single detail on this lady. I knew she saw me and I saw her in a split second of time before I freaked out and jumped back. I almost had a heart attack! 


B: I would have been running and screaming. 


N: I literally flied black. If you look closely on the frame of the video you can see the recorder flying out of my hand. It was that scary. 


*they laughs* 


B: Here’s that the worst thing you’ve ever had. For the record, it’s the Nerf guns! 


N: Yeah. So I’m getting shot with Nerf guns right now from Lee Kirkland. Because my questions aren’t fast enough. So it should be like no right questions! … I almost caught that on my mouth! *they laugh* That was the magic trick of catching a bullet in the mouth right there. 


B: Those are meant for charity, guys. I don’t know if… 


*they laugh* 


N: I know, let’s go on, then. It’s getting crazy. 


B: It’s awesome! 


N: We’re having a lot of fun, yes. 


B: Now, when you saw the lady, after you see something like that… What is that makes you wanna keep going into that? 


N: It’s the pursuit of trying to figure out what happens when you die. I mean, I’m a logical thinker and I try to balance myself around certain things that I don’t necessarily understand and fully can comprehend. But it’s the things that you experience that push you to try to figure out more ideas. Is there more reason behind this energy that you come into contact with? Or how is it possible that I could actually see a solid figure standing there that shouldn’t have been there? Those are the things that kinda drive me and push me even deeper into theorizing, learning, researching. How our world has been created? How does energy form? When we die, the body dies, but where does the energy go? Does it linger? Does it multiply? Is it multidimensional? Is there another space and time that we don’t fully understand yet that’s lining perfectly to ours? 


B: And that’s one of the popular in quantum physics. The multiverse theory. 


N: Yeah... And right now we are just doing selfie pictures, all of a sudden! *they laugh* It’s crazy! We talk in deep of theories, quantum physics, time traveling, ghosts, apparitions and what happens when you die... And all of a sudden we are just doing selfie pictures! 


B: How did you hook up with Jeff and Jennifer? 


N: Oh, I’ll let them. Jennifer, do you want to say how we kinda met and from the beginning it was destined to be? 


JN: It was! I had the guys down in 2009 for the event at the Scarefest in Lexington. And as soon as we met Nick, it was like we’ve known him for all of our lives. 


JF: It was love at first sight. 


N: Yeah, when you see the twinkling in someone's eyes, you just know. It’s just over. 


JF: From that moment it was just meant. 


B: So did you guys go just straight to ‘Hey, let’s hunt ghosts!’? 


*they laugh* 


JF: No, it had to grow on. 


JN: Paranormal pick up lines. 


*they laugh* 


N: That should be a radio show, ‘Paranormal pick up lines’! That’s what you should do. 


B: How did you guys find each other? You don’t just come out like ‘Hey, you look like you wanna look for dead people! Let’s go!’ 


N: Or it’s like, ‘Hey, your energy is connected to my energy!’. 


JF: Yes, it seems very similar to an EVP session, like ‘Are you with us? What is your name?’. 


*they laugh* 


N: That’s typical. 


JF: ‘Can you knock on something for me?’. ‘Knock if you wanna go with us on this investigation’. 


N: I was like ‘Hey, Jeff, is that you? I can’t see you guys!’. 


JF: ‘I’m here!’. 


B: Similar lines like that have got you restraining orders? Like ‘Who are you?! Why are you in my bedroom? Stop knocking on me!’ 


N: It’s that from ‘Living and the Dead’ or just…? 


JF: If you take an EVP session talk and you put that talk to a normal person, you’d easily be in jail. *they laugh* ‘How did you die? Why are you here?’. 


N: Totally. No, we met through the event that I did and basically we just hit it off. I mean, they’re good people. I love them to death. They’re like family. 


JF: We stayed in contact. Once Nick had left 'Ghost Adventures' to do his own thing, we started doing a tour because he wanted get back in touch with his fans and get out there and investigate. 


B: Now, when you guys do these investigations, people come to you and say like ‘Hey, I’ve a haunted house’? 


JF: No. Ours is more a tour. We take like, depending on the size of a location, 75 to 100 people. They come out, they do a meet&greet stuff with Nick, a Q&A, and then what we do is the investigation. So we split into smaller groups and actually get to investigate with people like Nick, John Tenney, Chad Lindberg... you know, different people that we’re bringing out. Some of these people are mature investigators and have been doing it for a while. We try to make it works educational and they can learn from these people they have experiences and stuff like that. 


B: When you open yourself up like that to the public, do you ever go across people that are … unstable? 


JF: Well, you can run across any people that are unstable even if you walk out to get a hamburger… 


B: Wow, that’s a difference between running into someone getting an hamburger and spending twelve hours in a secured area. 


JF: I guess that in the paranormal industry you don’t really consider a lot of people unstable because we are all unstable! 


*they laugh* 


B: So, what’s the future? I mean, what’s next for you guys? 


JF: We’re going to get like 5 dates booked for 2016 tours. Of course, Nick has got projects that he’s working on constantly. He’s constantly filming. 


B: Any tv shows? Anything you can tell us about? 


N: Yes. I have a couple of projects that I’m working on, producing some. You’re gonna see me back on tv very shortly. I can’t say yet, but yes, in the next month I’m going to announce this show that I’ll be hosting and investigating the paranormal. I’m looking for something to push myself even further in the paranormal investigation. I wanna find something that’s groundbreaking, push the boundaries. So, two projects coming up. One, you’ll see me on this year and then another one you’ll be hear about very shortly, that I feel is very groundbreaking. I’m very excited about it. 


B: What’s your Twitter? 


N: It’s @NickGroff_. Facebook is Nick Groff, that’s where I post everything, it’s my main page. 'Nick Groff' is my Instagram, my tumblr, my google+. So you can find me. 


JN: Nick Groff Tour


JF: And That’s where we got all the tours. Coming up, we’re gonna be on August 28th at Virginia City, Nevada. A short amount of tickets left for that. 


JN: It’s going to be a full week-end event. We got five different locations to investigate. 


JF: Some of them have never been done before. 


N: We’re going back to the Washoe Club, where it all started for me. I’m very excited about that. 


B: If you guys come to Detroit, bring me on line. I’ll take you to some really f**ing scary places. 


N: Damn, we can swear on this? 


*they laugh* 


B: Yeah, it’s internet! 


N: I was editing my voice this whole time! Is there a drop out here? No, just joking. 


*they laugh* 


B: Guys thanks so much. I appreciated that you guys talked to us. 


N: Thank you, man."

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