Steffi's report about ParaCon 2015 [eng]

Steffi is our main German translator, she lives in Minnesota and had the chance to attend the 5th annual ParaCon with her husband this year. She went there as a fan, a paranormal enthusiast and above all as specialist reporter of "Team Nick Groff". All the pictures her husband took for her can be seen in our article about the event, but read here about her amazing experience!

Steffi with Dustin Pari (left) and KJ McCormick (right).
Steffi with Dustin Pari (left) and KJ McCormick (right).

This year I had the pleasure to be at the 2015 ParaCon convention at the Shooting Star Casino, in Mahnomen, MN. It was a very special event and I had an awesome time there!


As a VIP guest, my great time started already on Thursday evening.  Before dinner started I had the pleasure to meet and greet Dave Schrader, host of “Darkness Radio”, and Jeff Belanger, researcher for “Ghost Adventures”, and we took some pictures. While sitting at our table and meeting some fantastic fans who came all the way from South Carolina, KJ McCormick from “Ghost Hunters” came and sat with us at our table and talked to us for a little bit. KJ is very funny, outgoing and seems to never running out of words to say. We had a great VIP dinner consisting of some chicken over baked with some cheese, mushrooms, some beef brisket, carrots, potatoes, and some salad. After this a little pie bar was set up.

After dinner I got to take a picture with KJ McCormick, Steve Gonsalves from “Ghost Hunters”, as well as Dustin Pari, who thought I was wearing a checkers dress. We also talked a little moment and had fun talking about pizza delivery, since Dustin is a fan of pizza and tweets often about pizza during “Ghost Hunters” show times. It was fun joking a bit around.

Steffi and John E.L. Tenney.
Steffi and John E.L. Tenney.

I went then over to the one and only awesome John E.L. Tenney. He was so welcoming and open in meeting me, I received the best and warmest hug I have yet from a celebrity. I was very nervous to meet him. If you did not already believe in the paranormal, John is the one who will make you to a believer! His stories and his experiences in his life are stunning and breathtaking. I will get more in to his stories in a little bit.

For this evening, things went slow and smooth; everybody enjoyed each other’s company, talked to each other and had a fun time. Later on people went over to the casino bar and let the evening move to an end with some nice country music and some fun.

My next trip back to the ParaCon was then on Saturday! It was a very special day. Special guest for the day was NICK GROFF! This was the best news I could ever imagine. It was like a dream come true and amazing for our fan page “Team Nick Groff” and support for Nick!!!

Right at 10 am, Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota were holding a speech, it was very interesting and they showed some nice evidence of some of their investigations they have done in the past. 

At 11.30 am Rosemary Ellen Guiley was holding her speech; she was talking about her book “The Djinn Connection”, which is talking about shadow people.


I am getting in line to meet Nick Groff, I am so nervous, so I try not to show, try to be professional for our team and our fan page and make a good impression, but, boy, my bones are shaking.


Nick's inscription to Steffi.
Nick's inscription to Steffi.

Since I was not sure if he will have his books there for sale, I bought one prior and brought it with me for him to sign. He had some there for sale, but it didn’t hurt that I had mine already. I told my husband David to keep holding his finger on the button of the cellphone to take pictures and make sure we get good ones. It was funny, but for once he did what I asked for. Nick also had some very nice portraits of himself for sale, which he also would sign. 

Finally it was my turn:  I thought I was going to pass out, right there!!!

We spoke for a moment of how we were doing, and how his long drive was. He can’t wait to announce more about his new show and, of course, we all can’t wait to see his new show. He signed his book “Chasing Spirits” for me with his name and the message: “Thank you for the support #TeamGroff”! Big times for our “Team Nick Groff”!!! I am so proud of our team and happy to be part of it! He also signed a picture which I bought for my admin and dear friend Gwen and told me I could pick one for myself for all my hard work and support. I was so happy; it meant so much to me. Nick you are just the BEST!

If you have not yet met Nick you should try your hardest to meet him either on a convention somewhere or even try to go with him on a Nick Groff Tour investigation, which would be an unforgettable once in a lifetime event for you. Look up all further events to see if you can attend one.

At John E.L. Tenney's lecture.
At John E.L. Tenney's lecture.

At 1 pm we had the chance to hear the speech of John Tenney, who had a couple of amazing stories to tell. One of the stories brought tears up in my eyes, but I think I won’t forget either story ever.

I will try to give a short recap of both of them. The first story he told was about a case of this one guy who called him that something in his house was just not right. Every time he was in the living room he had to stare at this one place on the ground, no matter where he is in the living room, it always lead back to that one specific spot. John came out and did an investigation, but did not come up with anything. He tried to find anything, he tried to debunk it, found any resource where it could come from, but could not come up with any solution. After several times coming out and not finding anything, John thought that the guy was just lonely and needed someone to talk, but John had so much work to do that he needed to end the case. He told him he was sorry that he could not help him, that he could not find anything and that he would close the case now.  John went to a café and sat down with a huge stack of papers and was working on the guy’s case. A young girl came over and started talking, John thought “Man, I am busy, I have no time for small talk” but the girl kept on talking. She said something along the line about graduating from school, getting married, loosing a necklace, fell into the heater vent, and before John could say anything the woman stood up, walked away and disappeared.. puff, gone. He went back to the guy’s house told him to rip the carpet, so they did, under the carpet were tiles, then carpet again, until they finally came to the source, they found a vent of a heater. When they took it apart, there was a necklace in it, that was his wife’s, he gave it to her for her college graduation. All John could think about was that the lady in the diner was the ghost of his passed away wife letting him know what to look for and what to do. Look around you, maybe not every person you see is a real person!

The second story was about an older woman who always heard kids’ voices in her house and saw little handprints on her window, which she enjoyed having the kids around even though she could not see them. The kids did not harm her; they were a joy to have around. In an investigation John could not make a connection with any kid spirits in the house and it could not be explained where it came from. John wanted to follow up with the lady and went over to her house. When he rang at the door bell, a different lady opened the door. John learned that the old lady passed away. John told her about the story and the lady wanted to show him something. She showed him drawings that all her children were drawing. The drawings were pictures of an older lady. So the kids saw the older lady who passed away, they did not know her, but drew her very clearly. So the story here is the woman did not see someone from her past, but was able to see who will be there after she was gone.

Steffi with Dave Tango (left) and Steve Gonsalves (right).
Steffi with Dave Tango (left) and Steve Gonsalves (right).

That was just the outline of what he shared. His true talent is the way in which the story is told. To feel moved and see his emotion, you MUST find a way to meet him.


Both stories were pretty amazing and made you think how amazing life and afterlife is and what all is possible and is still unexplained. I can’t wait to hear or read more from John’s stories. John is also famous for his show the “Ghost Stalkers”. He's an amazing man, with an amazing story of his life.


After this we walked some more around and took some more pictures of Robert Mukes, actor of “House of 1000 Corpses”, Dave Tango, Steve Gonsalves, Dustin Pari and KJ McCormick. Our day came slowly to an end. We went to John Tenney’s table, I stole another hug from him and we said goodbye. Hope to see him again at the next ParaCon event or a different paranormal event.

Steffi and Nick talking and hugging.
Steffi and Nick talking and hugging.

Next we stopped by to say goodbye to Nick Groff, I also asked if I could give him a hug as well - if you couldn’t tell by now, I am a “hugger” - Nick said: “Sure”. I didn’t wait another minute, so he could not change his mind on it! He told me to tell my admin and friend Gwen “Hi” from him. He thanked me again for our team’s support and hard work and that he really appreciates it.

Nick, you are the best and you deserve it!


This was the end of our trip!

It was an unforgettable weekend for my husband and me and I hope I brought a piece in to our team of that unforgettable moments as well!


Thanks for listening and enjoying this moment with me!


Text: Steffi.

Layout & Edit: Gwen.

Image Edit: Francine.