Interview: Nick for After Hours AM [eng - 11/16/15]

Before the television event "Exorcism Live" airing on Destination America on October 30th, Nick did this interview with the hosts of "After Hours AM/America's Most Haunted" radio, Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen, to talk about his own experience at the infamous Exorcist House, give some advices on how to protect ourselves from negative energies and reveal something about what to expect from his new show. We have transcribed it for you!

"Joel: […] We are also blessed to have a second guest on. Who is that?


Eric: The world famous Nick Groff, whom I have had the pleasure to speaking to for a couple of years now, actually since his book came out. I’m a huge HUGE fan of Nick’s. Nick has been fascinated with the paranormal ever since surviving a near death experience as a child. He’s been chasing ghosts for most of his life, with the goal of finding new evidence of the afterlife. And discovered a breakthrough in paranormal research during the filming of a tv show at the Exorcist House in 2011. An evil entity attached itself to Groff. The weight of that negative energy affected him long after returning home and he eventually had his home cleansed. Yes, that has set many many wheels in motion, as we understand. And, of course, Nick was a founding member, executive producer, one of the hosts of ‘Ghost Adventures’. He has broken away from that path and he’s on his own path now. Welcome, Nick! 

Nick: Thank you, guys. How have you been? 

J: Good, man, good! I’m glad everything is working out great for you. I mean, you are also a good friend of ours, so we always like to see our friends do great. Man, I gotta ask you: you crazy?! I mean, I love you with all my heart, you know that. But are you nuts for going back?! 

N: I think I have a couple of loose screws up in my head. Some people tell me sometimes ‘cause I like to go to the most extremely haunted locations, not for the thrill. Yes, I’m an adrenaline junkie, but at the same time I like to experience that personally, because I have my own personal questions in life. I’m a sociogram looking for answers beyond just dying and I think sometimes you have to put yourself into those situations, into the heart of extremely haunted locations, sometimes more negative than positive. And I think that’s where you get some of the most profound experiences. You know, the paranormal unknown lies where you can’t just explain things. I’m a logical thinker, so, in order to experience stuff I have to really put myself into those situations to see first hand and feel, not just documenting the evidence of the paranormal investigators. I went to the Exorcist House back in 2011, years ago, and I’ve had one of the creepiest experiences. I grew up watching ‘The Exorcist’ movie. In Hollywood, they just take the concept of real stories and then they give loads of heads turning around and puking green blood, just the creeps and the thrills of watching movies. But there is a realism to it and after I experienced it at this one location when I investigated it, you can feel the negativity that just is still lingering there. So, I was that guy who kinda gave the warning to the other people that are going there. You know, ‘Be cautious’ or explaining some of those things that happened to me and what to expect going back to this location, for what they’re doing for the ‘Exorcism Live’ show on Destination America. I’m not gonna be there, I’m not gonna be a part of it, but I’m more the guy giving the warning, you know, the red blinking light at the stop sign. That’s kinda me. 

J: Are there current inhabitants in this home that live there on a daily basis? 

N: I’m not sure. I haven’t been back there since 2011, so I don’t remember… Ah, while we were there there was somebody staying there, but they left. There wasn’t anyone in the location at the time, ‘cause they were away while we were investigating. But, I mean, what I captured there was absolutely amazing. The weirdest coincidence was while using the spirit box. At the time we set an Ouija board upstairs, where the boy was exorcised in the real case, up in his room. In the spirit box there was nothing coming through, it was all static, it was just scanning frequencies. I was growning kinda weary of the spirit box, I was sitting there and talking about coincidences, but you hear the words ‘diablo’ and ‘devil’ come through, clear as day. 

J: I remember it! Prepping for the interview, I watched on Netflix again that particular episode. It was crazy! It was a scary episode! I mean, you can feel the tension, just as a viewer. 

N: Right before this happened I felt this immense energy and it wasn’t positive, it was more like ‘back up, get away’. And that’s when I got up off the bed and I put my back against the wall. You’ll see a lot of paranormal investigators who are more sensitive to energies doing that, through the years I started recognizing it. And what happens is this energy trying to hang on to your back. So, sometimes I put my back against the walls to stop that from happening and that’s why I did it in that episode because I just felt the energy burst. And that’s when those voices came through. Talking about coincidences or whatever but that was freaking creepy! *Laughs* 

J: Yeah, it’s creepy, I know. Eric, you have seen that episode as well and it’s just damn right creepy. 

E: Oh yeah. Well, it brings to mind a kinda underlying factor here in the development, the evolution of Nick. What we've seen over the years was you went from being this very brash, young guy who really just falls out, like 'Bring it on!' to… I know you got married, I know you got a child, your prospective really changed, you became someone who’s much more cautious and I think you’ve been very brave to allow that part to show. Because others are still approaching it from the, shall we say, more youthful and the brazen approach than yourself. 

N: Right. Well, it's more about pushing the boundaries because you live once in this world, in the reality that we’re living in. I mean, we all die someday, that’s a fact, it doesn’t matter what you believe. But the other fact behind that is that we produce some sort of energy in our body. So, when the body dies where does that energy go? I believe the energy lingers, multiplies, stays in a habitat in some sort of locations, intelligent or residual. So, I think we’re dealing with a lot of negative and positive energies permeating in locations, but we haven’t discovered something new yet. In paranormal investigating we’ve done the same theories over and over, throughout the years. But, for me... I feel like my mind is so expanded now that I’m starting to theorize, talking to certain different people, that are very professional in the industry, they’re good friends of mine. I’m starting to think outside the box, ‘Ok, it’s science, you can discover it, where could we look at now that’s different and try to revolutionize the way that paranormal is done?’ And I believe, with the new thing that I’m doing for my new show coming up, that what we’re gonna have the groundbreaking evidence, the groundbreaking something that we’re gonna discover. I think there are so many things that are unknown in this world that we’re living in, that it’s just so vast that we haven’t got into that point yet. We’re evolved enough with technology and own personal wellbeing, a sensitivity. We just think with a closed mind sometimes on certain topics, like, ‘This is 'The Exorcist’, it's demons and all that crazy stuff'. It's not all like demons and crazy stuff. Yes, I do believe that there’s something that evolves into something more sinister. And yes, I do have high hopes for my better wellbeing that it has to be something better than just dying, like analyze or detect it or something that shouldn’t, even a higher power. So, I believe in all these things, but at the same time we have to be cautious with what we’re doing because locations like the Exorcist House have a such negative stain. The foundation, the floor, the wood... everything became stained from the negative energy that has been drawn off of this boy who was actually possessed, real story. My first steps into that location and up that staircase to the top floor, I felt that negative drag. You just feel it when you walk in the house, this kinda lingering aftermath of this negativity that is lurking and waiting to attach on somebody else and mess mentally with your mind. It’s very scary! 

J: Do you ever feel like, as an investigator, you're almost going into the spiderweb? You are the bait. It’s waiting for you, like a spider waiting in the web. 

N: That’s what I felt with the Exorcist House. I knew about this location years before ever going there. I researched it, I convinced the whole crew to go there and investigate it. It was a big process and I really wanted to go there, for some reason. We went there and it just became exactly what you saw. I was so fascinated with the location, I just needed to learn more informations. When I left that location, I started to have these nightmares of this dark entity, this figure, that started throwing me around, physically harming me in my nightmare. I was so creepy about this that I woke up the next morning and all my family members, the guys I was with investigating, everybody was text messaging me saying that they’ve just had a nightmare overnight of me in the dream getting thrown around and being harmed by a negative entity at that location! Now, to me, that just validated what the heck had just happened to me. 

J: Yeah. That might be interesting, to say the least. ‘Oh, wait now, guys, you’re having this dream about me…’ Wow! That’s a wake up call! 

N: Yeah, exactly! That’s why I started being more cautious. This, honestly, was the very first location where I started understanding more about personal experiences. I thought that, like you’ve talked before, I was more the kid who said ‘lock me in a morgue for an hour’ or ‘call me in the most haunted spot’. I warned those guys but I feared nothing, that’s my problem, I don’t fear anything. Now that I’ve experienced a little more in life, now that I’m grown up and more mature, the one thing I fear is negative energies attaching themselves to your own body, your wellbeing and, trust me, it’s a real thing. It can destruct your life, mentally break you down, destruct your house and if you don’t run yourself up and take precautions, you can really do more harm to yourself than anything. 

J: How does somebody go about taking those precautions? 

N: It took me a long time to figure out about that too. You have to find your own thing that particularly works for you. It could be religion, it could be faith, it could be a pendulum or some sort of jewelry or sage. I'd never really saged before, because I was just like more logical about it, until these negative situations happened to me. Last fall I’ve had all these negative things start happening to me and I realized that I possibly started having some negative lingering aftereffects following me home. My wife and I started noticing some stuff happening in our house that was more weird than usual. Usually I’m just like ‘Whatever, you know, I’ll block it up’. Then I started noticing that different things in my basement started happening. And I have my office in my basement, every time I went there I felt like there was a presence following me, it almost startled me a couple of times. In my own house! 

J: That would be the worst. 

N: It’s weird because my house is new, there’s nothing haunting about it. There’s no dark history or anything like that, so my first intuition is ‘Ok, something followed me home. Is it possible?’. And now I say ‘Yes, it is’ because I have a really close friend of mine who I trust dearly, who is a medium and very sensitive and can pick up on energies and I asked her to sage my house, so I had her come over. I didn’t tell her anything and first thing she said, walking in my basement, ‘You have all this negative energy happening in this one corner of your basement’. I was like ‘Ok’. What blew my mind was that she said ‘You have this one guy, his name is Rob, pacing back and forth from one side of the basement to your office and he’s guarding you, protecting you from the negative energies, so they won't hurt you’. And I said ‘That’s so crazy!’. This guy she detected, he had a whole cowboy hat, a gun and everything, he was my old neighbor from Las Vegas! Nobody knows this! I don’t know how she knew that, though. 

J: Wow! That’s WILD! 

N: And I said ‘I did expect my grandparents, or my grandmother, to protect me from the evil’, ‘cause they passed away and I was very closed with them. She said ‘No, it’s not only your grandparents or somebody like that’. This guy, whom I became really good friends with before he passed away right after I moved away from Las Vegas... I was very closed with him. Because I would help him, he was on a wheelchair, I would talk to him everyday, we became really close friends before the end of his life. And she said ‘He feels like he owes something to you because of what you did when he was living, so he’s here to protect you’. Which I found really strange. 

J: Yeah, good karma, man! It helps to be friends with your neighbors, ah?! 

E: You’ve got this Vegas gunslinger protecting you on the East Coast in your basement! 

N: I know. It’s so creepy. I’ve never told anybody this story until recently I’ve started talking about it, because it’s just so mind-blowing for me to wake up a little bit and say ‘Ok, these things are real, these things do happen’. It was just so real... so many emotions rushing through my body, knowing that my neighbor, whom I was very close with, I cared dearly for him, he’s here protecting me from these negative energies that I’m bringing home from locations. So, to answer your question, we sage my whole entire house. Use sage, burn it and go to every single corner of your house, it’s not just wave it in the air and you’re done, it’s you have to smoke you whole entire house with sage. Every corner, every room, every part of your house... then let it just linger a little bit and then open the windows and let all that smoke out, so it drags all the negative energy out of the house. 

J: That’s a really good advice. 

N: And of all the things she said to do - and I actually started to realize that positive things were happening in my life right after I started doing this - there was: ‘Put salt on the floor bed of your shower and when you’re taking a shower just plant your feet in that salt and just ground yourself out, think positive and let out the negative energy'. It’s like, you know, you take a shower and you wash the dirt off of you, it’s the same scenario. And salt is supposed to ground your aura, your body, and give out all the negativity. I started to doing that a couple of times and it’s a very simple thing. And honestly, man, all these positive things started happening in my life, everything just felt good again. So, those are two of the things I did. 

J: Man, good advice! Everyone out there: give it a try! Like Nick said, people have different things that can protect them, it depends on what they believe in to. But still, give it a try because I firmly believe that sage and earth elements do cleanse us. 

N: Yeah. Sage has been around for generations, you can possibly imagine the power, since back from native Americans times, it was very special. It isn’t something new or gimmicky, it’s something that’s natural, something that’s been in this world forever. I just think that sometimes you have to question and try things in life for yourself to see changes. And I’m all about positive, I love seeing people feel good, succeed and do well in their life. I’ve been through the nitty-gritty, so I can speak from experience. I’m not here to change people’s mind, but I’m here to help in general. 

E: Nick, Nick, Nick! We have MILLIONS - and we’re not kidding, we’re not exaggerating - millions of fans who are literally, as we speak, holding their breaths. Can you hear them? *holds his breath* To hear about your brand new project coming to Destination America. Tell us what you can, please! 

N: I’m literally excited. It feels so good. This project, I feel, is going to revolutionize the way that paranormal is done. I feel like it’s my second baby coming to light. Everything we’re gonna do is gonna be so different in the paranormal field and I’m about to going back to what I know best and team up with a lot of great people in the paranormal industry. You’re gonna see something that’s gonna be groundbreaking. Tv show or not, I’m in a soul-seeking situation where I’m looking for answers beyond just the grave. I feel that there’s so much more that is unknown in this world that we can discover as a community, the paranormal community. We are people just fascinated with the paranormal that we can, as a team, discover something that hasn’t been discovered yet, that is known as ‘unknown phenomena’. I feel that we’re gonna be the first to maybe discover something that hasn’t been discovered yet. So, I’m really excited, without giving too much away. Destination America on October 30th is going to give a little teaser about what’s to come. You’re gonna see a little bit about the show, you’ll hear about the title, you’ll hear who I’m in team with. We are shooting all the episodes right now. I’m going to some of the most extremely haunted locations. I’ve just gone to one that I’ve been trying to get into for 15 years! This is previous to my other show. I was looking at this location for 15 years and I finally was able to get into it and it is just epic. It’s basically the number one in the world , you can say. I can’t wait to share it. 

J: Yeah, I can’t wait to watch it. I’m really, really interested! 

E: When is this show going to air? 

N: We’ll be releasing more informations on and you can keep checking my social media pages. We’re gonna put the dates up there very soon, because right now we’re filming for the rest of the year. Stay tuned on 'Exorcism Live', you’ll see a little teaser of what’s to come. 

J: Well, Nick, I gotta ask you. With the real live exorcism going on and you knowing how serious it is and how serious it can be, do you feel, in any way, scared for the people that are going into this home to actually do this exorcism? And do you have any words of caution for the viewers out there? 

N: Yes. You know, you gotta to protect yourself in some way. Whatever you’re facing, you gotta really stay through positive to your own wellbeing. I think that, sometimes, when you let yourself going down, you let the evil get the better of you, that’s when things can attach and hurt you. You don’t have to be the strongest guy in the world. I think that you just have to be strong in general and all. Because going to those situations you conjure up something that we don’t fully understand yet. And the problem is you can be using a digital recorder, any type of device, you can be communicating with something on the other side that you possibly might think you know but, at the end of the day, you really don’t know who you’re talking with. So that’s where it gets really scary, I feel, because I’ve been through that experience and I know what’s like. Just be cautious when you leave the location because it’s the aftermath, it’s the lingering side of facts, that you might not realize at first, but maybe your family members, your friends, whoever is around you might start saying ‘Hey, you look a little bit different now!’. So, be very cautious and make sure you use precautions, saging is a good example. When you leave the location try to close that door behind you and forget about it, don’t keep engaging it, you can’t never know how negative it is. 

J: Good advice, Nick. We have a minute left to the show. I just wanna say thank you for coming on the show and thank you for sharing all the advices with everybody. 

N: Thank you, I really appreciate, guys. I really appreciate all the support you’ve given me through the years. It means a lot to me. I’m really excited about my new show. I can’t wait to finally to announce more informations. Just check my social pages and, when I do ,I’ll come back on with you guys in your show and we can talk about all the evidence. I’ve just captured some crazy evidence at the location I was just at. I’ve never seen this before. 

J: Oh! Now you’re picking my interest! We’ll definitely have you back on, because I’m an evidence junkie. Nick Groff, thank you so much for coming to

After Hours AM. We’ll talk real soon. 

E: Thanks, Nick! Big fan! 

N: Bye, guys. Take care. Thank you."

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