Ghost hunt with Nick

James Oster (aka Jimmy O) of joined Nick for a special investigation at the Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV, an important location for Nick. Remember the figure he captured in the ballroom in 2004? Let's explore this very active location in the daylight with them! Watch the video below, we transcribed the dialogues for you.

"Jimmy: We are here at the Washoe Club in Virginia City with my man Nick Groff. Nick, what brought you here in? What drives you to keep coming back?

Nick: The ghosts. The ghosts brought me here. I think in the beginning to be realistic as I keep feeling like I'm being drawn back to Virginia City, Nevada. I've always been fascinated since I was a kid in the paranormal. And in this town just was rich with history and hauntings, so I said ‘I want to take a little drive up there on my college break during the summer’, I think this was 2001. I came up here in love with the town and years later in 2004 it turned into a documentary and we filmed this whole entire town, and  the Washoe Club was one of the first spots when I reviewed evidence on our little MiniDV tape that we captured a full-bodied apparition upstairs in the ballroom.

J: We're gonna see that later. We're gonna check out, we're gonna to try to find the apparition.


N: So, this is the ballroom. Right here is where I walked in 2004. I had a night vision camera sat up there watching the whole entire ballroom this way and you see a full-bodied apparition following me out of the room when I left. I have a digital recorder and I like to use this because I say it's direct communication with the spirits and anything else that happens around and it's good. I mean, you understand what they're going through, what's happening. Maybe they might give some insides, what they see, maybe possibly what happens when we die. That's been the biggest question I've been asking: spirits: ‘What happens when we die?’. And I’ve been getting responses which it's actually kinda scary.

J: And now you're sharing it with a tour. What brought that to live? How has that been? How's that experience kinda of expanded your own horizons?

N: You know, I just want to get back to the nitty-gritty of being there with people. I love communicating, I love talking to other people from all over the world who have had experiences also. And I just want to connect with people and investigate with them, you know? And hear their experiences first hand and see if any other people like skeptics or non-believers are people that just looking for experiences, take there with me and investigate. Let's see what happens. I teamed up with the Kirklands, Lee, Jennifer, and Jeff Waldridge and we create the Nick Groff Tour and we've been doing this since last year and we are growing strong. I forgot how many locations we're already done but we've been all over the east coast, midwest and here we are in the west now. So we have a lot of people coming and we break them down in small groups and they investigate with us first hand and play back the evidence right there in real time.


J: This was the room where they set seances and…

N: Did you see that? Honestly. That door handle just turned. You heard that, right? Did you see that? It went like this.

J: I heard that.

N: You did hear that, right? I saw it. Look, I've goosebumps all over my body.

J: Oh my God, I feel so weird right now.

N: Dude, I thought I was just me, 'wait, that door just moved?'

J: Yeah, I heard that.

N: It literally went like this. That's what it sounded like and I saw it move.

J: I've got absolutely chills right now. Like serious chills.

N: I do too.

J: I've heard that click.

N: Did you?

Daniel (Cameraman): I didn’t hear anything.

N: What was that? Knocking above. There's knocking above. 

J: Yeah.

N: Let's go upstairs. Ok, we go upstairs. You heard that? Like there’s someone upstairs.

J: Yeah, it sounds like… I’m going up, dude.

N: … to my body. Okay, let's try to ask questions.

J: Ok.

N: This is what is crazy about the paranormal, sometimes your emotions will overtake you and you have to stop. My name is Nick, you probably already know that, this is Jimmy.

J: Hello.

N: Daniel here behind the camera. Can you tell us what happens when you die? You've spoken to me a ton. I feel... look at my arms, I've got goosebumps on my arms. I feel like electricity is going through my body right now.

J: I do too actually.

N: Jimmy, ask your question.

J: I'm Jimmy and I wanna know who you are. I wanna know why you stay here. Is there something you're looking for? Is there something that was taken from you?

EVP: "Yeah".

N: So, I’m playing back and if we hear anything I'm gonna rewind it every five seconds to see if we capture anything.

J: Ok.

N: There’s a voice right before you talk. Can you hear that?

J: Yeah, I can.

N: Listen again. It's like talking over you.

J: What the f***?

N: Yeah, that's creepy.


N: Right before you talk... "Don't go..." or something?

J: That was a whisper. Am I crazy?

N: No, that's a voice.

J: F*** me.

N: Hold on, let me put it back. That, right there. See, your reaction, how it is now it's what I love, because people don't really know until they feel these emotions. One thing is sit there behind this camera, watch it at their home or whatever, but it's another thing being here feeling that energy, searching away where these knocks are coming from. And then hearing a voice where you're like 'nobody was saying that'.

J: Nobody was saying that.

N: Woah. Something there was thrown. You heard that, right?

J: I did.

N: That's the area. Above where we sit today.

J: Yeah, there's something else.

N: Like this? This you can make out.

J: Yeah. It’s clear. But there's something else.

N: But that was random. No, there's something thrown along the hall, like sssh. What's it that voice? It's like 'hi', it's like angry. I'll play back for you. ... Can you hear that? It says 'not my’, it's very faint. ... 'Not my place'. Listen, it goes 'not. my. place.'.

EVP: "Not my place".

J: Wow. There’s something… Come here.

N: You're right?

J: Yeah, I’m ok. Yeah.

N: Go ahead, keep talking. 'Cause you’ve never been up here, haven’t you, right?

J: No, I've never been here.

N: Where have you been drawn to right now?

J: Here. I don't know why.

N: You know what they say, right?

J: No, I'm gonna go in. ... What happened here?

N: The crypt is right below you.

J: Oh my God.

N: Where they stored all the dead bodies.

J: I've never been here before. There’s a… It’s like…

N: I’ll show you. If we go back downstairs, you can actually see a shut down into the crypt.

J: Oh Gosh. I would love to see.

N: But you're right above it. This is where you painfully…

J: I almost feel there are like rats here, to be honest.

N: If you look at these old ropes, they are suspended here since 2004, since I’ve come in here. So, check this up. Look, look.

EVP: "Doesn't want you".

N: Look down, look to your left. It's all a crypt. 

J: Oh my God.

N: That's where they stacked and stored all the dead bodies during the winter, when they couldn't put them in the ground in the cemetery, that's where they would go.

J: Okay, I just...

N: What's the matter? What? Did you see something? ‘Cause a lot of people…

J: No. I have this overwhelming feeling like sadness, just absolute sadness.

N: Damn, man. You got to handle with a lot of emotions in here. It does it to people, if you've never been here before, it does it a lot to people.

N: The best part that I absolutely love is seeing people's reaction for the first time. Seeing their experiences unfolded in front of me. You know, having some paranormal activity happen and them being blown away, their reactions are priceless sometimes and I love that because seeing some of those experiences brings me back to when I had my first experience and it just gets me hyped up, that's what really pushes me to keep going. I can go 24 hours, if we get paranormal activity, I'll keep going, because it's just like adrenaline for me. It's like, you know, roller coaster ride when you're a paranormal investigator. I love it and that's kinda what fuels my fire is capturing really solid and concrete evidence of the paranormal.

N: All right, thank you for talking with us, we appreciate. I will be back later.

J: Thank you. Thanks for talking back.

N: So please stay here, don't follow us.

J: Yes. We're signing out. JoBlo."

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