"Ghosts of Shepherdstown" premiere reviews by Team Nick Groff

"Ghosts of Shepherdstown" premiere reviews by Team Nick Groff


There's a big thing people must know about me. I'm very passionate about 4 things: books, criminology, paranormal and history. I read a lot and watch many documentaries about this stuff, as I constantly feel the need to research, to know more, to learn.

Besides the fascination that grew inside of me when I heard that local police authorities SEEKED THE ASSISTANCE of a group of paranormal investigators to figure out what was going on in their (extremely haunted) town, I really appreciated the stunning combination of paranormal, crime and historical investigation that "Ghosts of Shepherdstown" is showing.

Nick, Bill and Elizabeth are not only trying to give an answer to the question: “Why are all these spirits manifesting themselves now?” using their own paranormal skills and experiences, but they’re deeply researching into the town’s history like a team of detectives in the process of solving a big crime case.

They’re also finding clues that unveil the personal history of some people who died there, which is very essential, both for the paranormal investigation and the historical one. You can’t really understand a historical event, no matter how important and gruesome it was for the country, if you don’t know what happened in the lives of those who made that historical event.

I’m very much curious to learn more from their investigations in Shepherdstown, both in the historical field and in the paranormal field.