Nick groff tour

Written by Francine

NOTE: Although the sources of the information written here are of public domain (all the "Nick Groff Tour" social media etc...), the text here below is an original work written by Francesca Iaquinta and approved by Nick Groff. Use and reproduction without prior permission is prohibited.

"Join Nick Groff and his team as they journey to some of the most iconic haunted locations in America! These exclusive appearances give you the opportunity to experience, first-hand with Nick, paranormal happenings inside frightening locations. Recount Nick and special guests stories at each location and discover new ones together!"


- NGT crew

On November 25th, 2014 Nick has announced the opening of this new project of his, which allows him to revisit some of the most significant locations of his career, taking his fans with him and face new investigations. NGT offers once in a lifetime, custom-made, events, so the guests can enjoy the investigation and Nick's availability at moderate prices.


The fans who will seize the chance to attend these events by buying one of the several available and affordable packages, will attend the thrilling investigations alongside Nick and have first-hand paranormal experiences at important and infamous locations.


Even skeptics with an open mind will definitely appreciate these events, since the professionalism, simplicity and truthfulness of the investigations will change their mind about the paranormal.


An unique and affordable experience not to be missed if you want to have a close encounter with the other side and make a dream come true.


The team

The special guests

The stops

In chronological order from the most recent to the very first stop.