the team

The origins of "TNG"

Our story is very simple, and yet intense. Francine had been a “Ghost Adventures” fan for a few months when she met and befriended Gwen, a new fan of the show, in spring 2014. That same summer Gwen had the luck to meet Nick in Dublin, Ireland, and when he announced his departure from the show in November, we decided to dedicate ourselves to support him, no matter what.


We officially founded Team Nick Groff on May 2015 with Nick’s full approval and started to recruit translators from around the world to help us sharing Nick’s new projects in more languages.


Team Nick Groff (or TNG) is the biggest source about Nick you'll ever find online. Our team works very hard every single day to provide Nick's fans with the best service a fan account can offer. Nick supports us as much as we support him, ours is a very functional and passionate teamwork.


We also run Paranormal Lockdown Fans, the very FIRST fan source about Nick's show, opened just a few days after it was announced on October 2015. Through this page we help Nick promoting and sharing everything about “Paranormal Lockdown”.


We are very proud and honoured to be a part of Nick’s team and we always will be.

Who we are

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